Ripples-FMS warehouse monitoring system - inventory management, worker counting, forklift tracking, cold chain monitoring

Warehouse monitoring made easy

Managing a small business warehouse has always been challenging, and trends in logistics monitoring continue to make it harder every day, especially in the current uncertain times where digital disruption is evident.. Adopting modern warehouse management practices and solutions helps keep inventory, food cold chain traceability, and workflow efficiency throughout the system, which is a critical factor in serving customers and securing increasing operating margins through mature warehouse asset inventory management.

Companies saw an increase in internal fraud, the lethargy of employers as they move back to everyday life, increased theft of cargo, compromises on ethical behavior, and many more detrimental issues. 

Overall, cargo theft from warehouses increased by 25% amidst Covid all over the world. As India saw the highest number of cargo theft (67% of all Asian Countries) in the year 2020, with warehouse theft dominating the list according to the BSI and TT group cargo theft report, South African logistics dominated the African region is witnessing a growing number of internal fraud and theft from facilities.  

As stated by the CEO of WHO concerning the havoc created by Covid, “To win a football match, it is not enough to defend; you also have to attack,” we have also observed the emerging trends in cargo theft and have developed software for Indoor Positioning in warehouses to protect the cargo in warehouses and to enhance the working in warehouses to eliminate the issue of employee lethargy. It would rather keep them engaged in handling the technology more efficiently and productively. 

Ripples Indoor Positioning System along with Ripples-FMS will align with the standards and compliance of your warehouses and enhance the facility’s safety.  Curious to know how!? We will tell you!

IOT in warehouse management

Ripples-FMS warehouse monitoring solutions provide tracking, locating, and monitoring of high-value cargo.  Different types of tags include –

  • Asset tags that are used for tracking industrial workers, forklift, inventory management.
  • Tamper proof tag is used to detect intruders, opening or closing of doors during odd hours
  • Robust sensors for food cold chain traceability, last mile fulfilment of fragile cargo.

Warehouses can enhance workforce productivity, reduce internal fraud and cargo theft, and enhance safety measures at the workplace without compromising on ethicality. So, uplift your warehouse safety and adopt such solutions.

Benefits of Warehouse Management system

  • Real-time visibility in order processing for customers and workforce.
  • Timely Alerts on various activities like invoices, late payments, and goods conditions.
  • Increased customer satisfaction through self-service portals.
  • Reduce operational overheads and improve overall efficiency in warehouse operations
  • Reduce revenue leakages & human errors.
  • Optimum accuracy for warehouse invoice entries.
  • Eliminate errors in invoicing through standard rates and user controls.
  • Eliminate paper works and initiates faster invoice processing.
  • Proper checks on invoicing manipulations and fraud in logistics.
  • Complete visibility on outstandings for on-time invoice payment.
  • Effective data coordination with finance & back office.
  • Reduce time taken for picking up goods and tracking equipment.
  • Improve shelf life of perishable goods. intruder detection alerts using warehouse temperature monitoring system.
  • Enables resource optimization and improves small business warehouse productivity & safety.

Features of Warehouse Management Software

  • Auto suggesting the zones based on the commodity unloaded in the bay.
  • Order Received and POD Management upon arrival of cargo in the warehouse.
  • Stock monitoring and aging details of the number of days for each order.
  • Integrated Operations. Track movement of cargo from warehouse to customer location.
  • Pre-defined customer rates for invoice generation.
  • Alerts on warehouse demurrage expiry and calculations.
  • Invoice settlements against multiple invoices as full or partial payments.
  • Preparing the next day’s work planning. Workers are required based on the loads etc.
  • Paperless invoices with historical data backup with Warehouse Management System
  • Indoor air quality and environment monitoring inside the warehouse.
  • Customer visibility on their warehoused inventory & space booking along with consignment booking.
  • Zone compatibility suggestions like Hazardous cargo need to keep in separately.
  • Track the cargo movement and storage time in each zone.
  • Tracking warehouse inventory and equipment activity in each storage zone. 

Small business warehouse monitoring solutions

Inaccurate inventory counts and poor inventory control is the most common issue facing warehouse managers. Over the period, these errors can accumulate, leaving puzzling gaps in the inventory. Inventory location problems generally develop over time, as new products are added to the inventory and tracking of goods becomes difficult. Inability to integrate your current warehouse management system with logistic and supply chain partners leads to manual tasks resulting in inaccuracies. Suboptimal picking happens most often due to process inefficiencies in receiving or put-away tasks. Inappropriate warehouse billing systems fail to incorporate demurrage charges and track customer payments.

Warehouse Management Software – zone allocation

Automatically allocates storage locations based on the characteristics of the goods to be stored. This allows the warehouse staff to know where the items will be stored and help in easy picking and packing. Smart warehouse management with indoor positioning beacons attached to crates and pallets can improve inventory movement efficiency.

Temperature and humidity monitoring system for warehouse

Ripples WMS accurately records and monitors the inventory stored avoiding human errors. Inventory movements can be effectively tracked along with condition and environment monitoring of cargo that avoids misplacement /theft and damage to goods. Read about Digital Twin for warehouses.

Warehouse management and trips

The trip creation feature enables you to create them directly from the stock management process. Own truck and customer-owned truck transportation details can be effectively managed and the WMS can be easily integrated with the Ripples-FMS freight management system.

Warehouse invoice management

The invoice management process automatically computes the details per order with complete accuracy based on the defined warehouse invoicing parameters. Demurrage and additional warehouse charges can be effectively captured avoiding any kind of financial loss.

Ripples-FMS Small business warehouse invoice management softwareReal-time customer communications

Along with the Warehouse monitoring System, the Ripples-FMS logistics customer portal helps regular clients to monitor their cargo inventory and storage on a real-time basis, with regard to location, physical and climatic conditions. Customers can submit online orders, upload logistics documents and monitor their invoices online which brings more visibility and transparency to your operations.

Warehouse temperature monitoring system

A successfully managed small business warehouse, one that performs reliably and efficiently, is a huge asset to any freight forwarding company. Our relationship team will handhold you with Digital maturity assessment to help logistic businesses like yours, adopt industry-standard solutions, especially in food cold chain and fragile goods handling.

Contact our experts to know more on Ripples-FMS Small business Warehouse monitoring software & customer invoice templates.