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Virtual zones in warehouse management forklift tracking,  asset inventory, worker tracking

Warehouse management indoor tracking solutions for improving productivity, utilisation, safety and compliance

The entire warehouse management, and operational area can be mapped into virtual zones of 2.5 x 2.5 square meters each.  This will help the managers to remotely monitor space utilisation in different zones, the wait time of trucks in arrival and dispatch zones,, time spent in unloading areas, the temperature, & humidity, movement of workers, tracking of visitors, warehouse forklifts, and enforce rules related to the workplace norms such as physical distancing, keyman safety, no go zones, etc. Read this smart warehouse story

Warehouse forklift tracking solutions

Warehouse indoor tracking technology and related tools are helpful to measure, monitor and control the operations of smart logistics.

With the advent of modern wireless mesh technology, it has become easier and affordable to deploy such solutions that will enable improve space utilisation, worker productivity, warehouse safety and compliance.

Improving warehouse productivity

The key aspects of deploying a warehouse tracking system is in the design of the solutions and the overall implementation time. Typical installation for such solutions would take about a week or two, depending on the total area of the warehouse.

To get these type of solutions to work, the management commitment is a key element. Low powered tags will have to be deployed on forklifts, pallets, bins, crates and trolleys.

Warehouse utilisation

This is one weak area for many of the traditional warehouses in developing nations. They do not have modern systems to track the location of forklifts, inventory arrival time, delays, and wait time at critical nodes of the operation. Many of the digital twin platforms provide rule engines, whereby customized rules and alerts can be provided to ensure timely action in the event of delays.

Value added services in warehousing

Modern technology helps warehouse managers to earmark certain zones to regular customers, and they can be provided with secure access to the inventory levels in arrival, storage, and dispatch zones. This information will bring value addition to your logistics business and help acquire customers who are looking at smart procurement and supply chain solutions.

Warehouse management in the new normal

Supply chain logistics, warehouses, and last-mile delivery functions have gone through radical changes in recent times. Modernization of warehouse monitoring technology is becoming imperative to retain cost advantages without compromising of service quality and worker safety is the need of the hour.

Ripples-FMS warehouse forklift tracking & monitoring solutions

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