Truck tyre management software

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Ripples-FMS Tyre Management software Module. Ripples FMS offers a comprehensive truck tire management module that helps to manage and track the tyres of your fleets efficiently. This module provides a detailed overview of the purchases protocols, stock management, tyre performance and tyre usage tracking. It comprises two options, Truck Tyre Module and Truck Tyre Monitoring system which is provided as a combined solution or on a separate basis.

Tyre management software for inventory, rotation

Ripples FMS Tyre management software Module is a comprehensive solution that addresses all the tire related concerns of fleet owners in the African continent. The entire journey from the purchase of the tyre to rotation,  scrapping and every step in between is effectively tracked using Ripples-FMS

Truck Tyre Module Functions

  • Activities like purchase orders, purchases, purchase returns and credit notes
  • Centralized and branch wise tyre stock management
  • Tracking issue and returns of tyres against the fleet and tyre rotations.
  • Overview of tyre performance and lifetime characteristics.
  • Precise tyre cost records and evaluations.
  • Monitor and track retread and recycle stages of tyres.
  • Monitor tyre rotation & scrapping activities.
  • Management Information System with integrated statistical reports.
  • Manage tyre stock transfers between branches or warehouses.


  • Smooth and cost-effective purchase management.
  • Overview on the inventory of all your fleet tyres
  • No more missing tyres as they are effectively tracked.
  • Saved records that help in effective tyre utilization
  • Real-time analytic data for effective decision making
  • Easy management of the main branch and sub-branch stock

Tyre rotation, inventory monitoring

Ripple FMS Tyre Monitoring system helps to track the tyres existing in the vehicle for fleet owners in the African continent. This feature helps fleet owners and freight forwarders reduce unexpected costs due to tyre pilferage or theft.

How does Ripples-FMS Tyre management software work?

  • Ripples-FMS RFID tyre tags are installed in the tyres (Tamper Proof technology)
  • After finishing each trip, the user will collect the tyre details from the vehicle through a UHF handheld reader by communicating with the RFID tag installed.
  • The data will be transferred to FMS from the handheld reader automatically.
  • Ripples-FMS will cross-check the data with the master details stored and in case of any mismatch, send notifications to the respective users/managers through software or via email.


  • Avoid counterfeiting – Tyre locations are tracked to identify possibilities of theft/ pilferage.
  • Overview of tyres usage in each of the vehicles.

Hardware Accessories

  • Tyre crayon for marking
  • Rfid tyre tag
  • Fast dry cement
  • Tyre patch stitcher
  • Grinding wheel
  • Hand-held UHF Reader

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