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Best Transport Management Software in African Countries

The finest transport management software to strengthen your logistical needs!

Best Cloud-Based Transport Management Software in African Countries

Fortify and streamline your logistics with enhanced efficiency using the finest transport management software. This TMS software helps you adopt and operate a digital business that is easy to monitor and control through freight forwarding, cross-border documentation, logistics, and invoice management activities in a phased manner, offering you flexibility and guaranteed success!

All-in-one integrated logistics ERP:

  • Integrated Financial Accounting
  • Tyre Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Warehouse Inventory Tracking
  • Insurance Claims and Operations Control

Our secure customer login portal will ensure the best customer experience with quick responses to your queries and access to documents. Select the most suitable version of this TMS system to overcome your transport business challenges. 

Engage our experts for a free gap analysis to learn more about the benefits of TMS system project implementation. The Lite Editions are the best solution for companies to get started streamlining operations. 

Benefits of cloud-based TMS software

In this fast-moving world, cloud-based TMS systems are the best choice. Their benefits are well-established and include:

Cost Savings

Quick implementation of transport management software solutions and reduced costs as they do not need any additional hardware, providing more significant opportunities to smaller businesses that otherwise cannot afford the initial expenses.


Customers can access our services from any location at any given time, and all they need to have is an internet connection, which is available through different devices. It is the easiest solution for your busy schedule.

Scalability and Improved Security

This TMS software ensures easier and more secure deployments, which leads to more effortless scalability. Cloud-based TMS is typically more secure than on-premises software, as the provider is responsible for maintaining and securing the servers and data.

Automatic Updates

Real-time automated information updates make sure you have access to the latest data at all times. The software is regularly updated by the provider, making sure you always have access to the latest version of the software.

Data Storage Capacity

Unlimited space to store your data, with the possibility to upgrade for more space when needed.

Automated Transportation Management System

Packed with 250 hours of onsite training, software customization, and a choice of cloud or on-premise hosting online, this TMS software is a one-stop solution for a logistics transport management company to run its operations. A total of 50 insightful MIS dashboards and reports are included in this version. 

Ripples-FMS TMS system offers a fully digital solution that provides value-added services such as a customer login portal, warehouse optimisation, production scheduling, cargo tracking, and fleet monitoring so that every phase of your logistics operation will be transparent, efficient, and cost-effective. Not just that! Our Transport Management Software brings business efficiency using tracking and monitoring, automated dispatches, driver management, cargo management, and transport scheduling. Read more about transport management software modules.

How it works

A TMS software can help any business organise their logistical requirements efficiently using the following steps –

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Optimization

Fundamentally, transport management software is a storehouse of detailed information about carriers as well as a transactional and communication system that enables users to plan, execute, and track shipments. To achieve that, it must have strong integration with carrier systems and data sources or some way to download carrier information. It must also make possible the entry of customer orders that specify what is to be shipped.

Usually, orders come in automatically from ERP or order management systems that are integrated with the TMS. A TMS system will sometimes be integrated with a warehouse management system (WMS) to enable better coordination of the tasks that occur at the interface of warehouses and freight shippers, such as palletisation of goods, labour scheduling, yard management, load building, and cross-docking

The three main SCM (supply chain management) systems are –

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) 
  • WMS (Warehouse Management system) 
  • TMS (Transport Management system)

Each has important but very different roles to play in processing orders. Integration among the three enables them to share certain types of data and standard documents that are necessary for getting the right products to customers on time and as efficiently as possible.               

Case Studies/Testimonials

Call us to learn more about transport management software solutions, starter kits for small business logistics companies, enterprise versions, and pricing for Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Djibouti).


What is a transport management system?

transportation management system (TMS) is a logistics platform that uses technology to assist businesses in executing, planning, and optimising the physical movement of goods, both outgoing and incoming while making sure the shipment is compliant with proper documentation.

TMS provides clarity into day-to-day transportation operations, trade compliance information and documentation, and ensures the timely delivery of freight and goods. Transportation management systems also streamline the shipping process and make it easier for businesses to manage and optimise their transportation operations, whether they are by land, air, or sea.

Ripples – FMS Transport Management Software offers the following modules-Administrative Settings, Order Management, Trip Management, Vehicle Management, Fuel Management, Invoice Management, Standard Reports, Cashier Module, Emails, Multiple Branches, GPS Tracking, Finance Third Party Integration (Sage/Tally), Human Resource & Payroll, MIS Dashboard Stores, Tyres & Workshop, Customer Portal, and Third Party Integrations (SMS – Twilio/M Pesa/Biometric).

Fundamentally, a TMS is a repository of detailed information about carriers, but it is also a transactional and communication system that enables users to plan, execute, and track shipments by land, air, or water.

Yes. Users can be associated with an order for tracking and reporting purposes. The TMS software provides secure and detailed data, ensuring easy access for the user.

Yes. Ripples-FMS TMS system allows you to customise your currency and units of measure for your specific location or country. We support different currencies, weights, and measures.

We suggest that you engage our experts for a free gap analysis to learn more about the benefits of transport management system project implementation. The lite edition is best suited for companies that are starting their business. Our website provides information about the various modules we offer, the combinations of which are divided into three versions bronze, silver, and gold. You can easily go through the data and make an informed decision that is best suited for your logistical requirements.

In addition to GPS-based cargo tracking, Ripples-FMS offers an effective tyre management system that gives you an idea about the life of a tyre in the case of both vehicle management-based and tyre-based usage. The retreading and recycling of tyres can be recorded and managed accordingly. Tyres can also be tagged with sensors to identify potential theft.

Ripples-FMS has a GPS-based cargo tracking system that enables our customers to know where the truck is at a given point in time. There is much more than just location tracking and truck monitoring. It even provides you with details such as the driver’s behaviour, the condition of your cargo, tampering alerts, etc. on the go. We can also calculate the additional maintenance cost incurred due to a particular trip, including that of fleet fuel tracking in vehicle management.

The basic difference between cloud-based Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and on-premise models is where the software resides. On-site TMS software is installed on your local servers, while cloud-based TMS software is hosted on a vendor’s server and accessed via your web browser. However, cloud-based TMS software is deemed more effective these days due to advantages like reduced cost, accessibility, improved security, scalability, etc.

Flexible third-party integration with fuel, driver expenses, and logistics reduces a tremendous amount of man-hours. Integration with a sensor-based fuel monitoring system (otipetrosmart) helps create a fully automatic fuel stock system. Integration with Inter Africa Transport Forex makes driver expenses, outside fuelfiling, and on-road services like parking, road toll tax, etc., cashless. Integration with warehouse software helps to update logistics order information automatically, making the process faster. Integration of different GPS providers in a single window makes tracking easier. (As there are so many transporters, they use different providers.) Twilio, Sage, and SMS are some of the platforms that Ripples integrates with.

Yes. The Ripples-FMS Transport management software can export reports into different formats like PDF, Excel, etc.

Yes. This TMS system does support effective dates, i.e., start dates and stop dates for rates.

Any company, large or small, can benefit from the streamlining capabilities of TMS. The only thing you need to do is be aware of their requirements and choose a TMS system that best suits their needs. A cloud-based TMS software would be ideal for small companies because it requires zero infrastructure and is cost-effective. All you have to do is consider your current level of technology and your goals for the system instead of getting caught up in comparing the features and pricing of various TMS software.

Some of the key benefits of using a cloud-based TMS are no physical servers, cost-effectiveness, increased accessibility, Data analytics, quicker deployment, digital fleet tracking, greater scalability, minimal IT management, automatic back-ups etc.

Ripples-FMS transport management software for Afcfta region

A Transport Management System (TMS) that runs in the cloud

Choice of on-premise and dedicated, fixed cost cloud installed transportation management system, with Customer management portal, fleet, tire rotation optimized freight forwarding operations. Online training, report building, and enterprise edition customization are also available to meet your specific requirements. 

Our domain experts & Logistics ERP implementation team will be spending time with your operational staff to install, train & implement the best transport software solution.  Freight management for planned executed supply chain management in real-time, providing inbound and outbound logistics, managed transportation, third-party logistics, tracking shipment, etc.

Transport management companies can quickly get started with paperless operations. To reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, greater controls, and transparency. This version is cloud-hosted, bundled with a set of standard reports and online training, implementation, helpdesk & technical support from among reliable TMS software providers. 

The transportation management system (TMS) is hosted on a cloud computing platform and accessed over the Internet. This type of TMS allows companies to manage their transportation operations from any location with an internet connection, without the need to install software on individual computers or servers.

  • Ready to deploy SaaS enabled TMS on cloud
  • Available in 3 distinct plans: Bronze, Silver & Gold
  • Multilingual/multi-currency TMS
  • Dedicated database with a highly secure firewall
  • FMS handles different cargo movements like containerized, flat bed, abnormal, bulk liquid & bulk loose
  • 3rd Party integration with Twilio/ Sage/GPS
  • Support available via ticketing system
  • Documentation & Online Videos
  • Yearly software updates / daily backups
Logistics software Zambia - accelerated Implementation

Enterprise Edition - Automated Transportation Management System

This comprehensive package covers all aspects needed for a logistics transport management company to run its operations. Bundled with 250 hours of onsite training, software customization, and a choice of cloud or on-premise hosting online, unlike the transport management system in SAP. A bundle of 50 insightful MIS dashboard & reports is included in this version. The fully digital solution in transport logistics is to provide value-added services such as a customer login portal, warehouse optimization, production scheduling, cargo tracking & fleet monitoring so that every phase of your logistics operation would be transparent, efficient, and cost-effective and bringing business efficiency using tracking and monitoring, automated dispatches, driver management, cargo management & transport scheduling. Read more about Transport management software modules.


Ripples-FMS Freight logistics management software

Logistics Operations

  • Order Entry & Quotation
  • Truck Allocation
  • Schedule Full Load Trips, Empty Trips
  • Add Return Load trips
  • Fuel issues
  • Driver Expense Management
  • Clearance document submission, auto email
  • Loaded Updation & Despatch
  • GPS Tracking or Manual Status Updations
  • Demurrage Entries
  • Maintenance Checklist before & after trip
  • POD Management
  • Trip Closing (Deductions & Driver Bonus)
  • Cargo deduction management

Finance management

  • Payment & Receipt Vouchers
  • Cashbook & Daily Reports
  • Statistical Reports like Ledger
  • Cashier report

Invoice management

  • Standard Customer Rates
  • Invoice Generation
  • Credit Note
  • Additional Cost Invoice 
  • Demurrage Confirmation
  • Invoices – Partial & Full

Logistics MIS

  • Revenue Performance
  • Tonnage Performance
  • Daily business summary

Standard reports in TMS system lite

  • Customer wise Order Details
  • Loads Available Report
  • Cash Book Report
  • Driver Expense Detailed Report
  • Fuel Issue Detailed Report
  • Transport management system pdf export
  • Missing Truck Deliveries
  • Drop Off Pending Report
  • Demurrage Details Report
  • Trip Control Report
  • Trip Closed Details 
  • Driver Bonus Detailed Report
  • Rate not updated Report
  • Invoice not generated Report
  • Trip wise Income & Expense

Finance management

  • Profit & Loss
  • Trial Balance & Balance Sheet, etc
  • Third-Party Integrations 
  • Mobile / M-Pesa


  • Workshop Job Description
  • Job Order & Bay Costing
  • Bay Costing & Job order Reports
  • Branch wise Job Order Report
  • Frequent Workshop Visits

HR module

  • Employee Biodata & documents
  • Document details expiry alerts
  • Leave Module
  • Payslip Configurations
  • Payslip Preparations
  • Employee Loan Management
  • Staff Deductions linked to Payroll
  • Disciplinary Actions & its alerts
  • Training Masters & Management
  • HR MIS
  • Deductions & Driver Bonus on Trips

Insurance claims

  • Incident Entries
  • Claims Dashboard
  • Insurance Entries & Alerts
  • Third-Party Integrations 

Logistics Invoice portal

  • View Order Details
  • View Trip Details with documents
  • Track In Transit Trips (Map View)
  • View Invoice Details
  • Order Details
  • Document Management
  • Task Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Quotation
  • CRM (Complaint Management)
  • Chat with Staff

Tire management

  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Purchase Returns
  • Credit Note
  • Tyre Request
  • Tyre Issue & Returns
  • Regular Tyre Rotations
  • Retread & Recycle Management
  • Tyre Monitoring & Inspection
  • RFID Tyre Patches

Fuel management

  • Fuel Purchases & Orders
  • Fuel Stock Management
  • Fuel Request
  • Outside Fuel Issue
  • Fuel Advance
  • Fuel Adjustment
  • Third-Party Integrations 

Fleet spares management

Spare Groups & Category
Spare & Bin Location
Purchase Order
Goods Receipt Note
Purchase Returns
Credit Note
Spare Returns, Request & Issue
Stock Transfer Request
Stock Transfer Receipt
Stock Transfer Returns
Stock Adjustments
Spare Value/Qty Summary
Stock Query
Canceled GRN Details
Frequently Used Spares
Nonmoving spare details report
Maintenance costs trucks with Cost/km
Purchase Report
Purchase Order Register
Purchase Return History
Spare Issue Report
Spare Re-Order Level Report

Clearing & forwarding

  • Import & Export Order Management
  • Shipping Line, Vessel & Voyage
  • Expenses for Clearing & Taxation
  • Customer Rates
  • Expense Entry Management
  • Shipping Lines & Clearing Agents
  • Customer Billing
  • Bill Settlements (Partial or Full)

The integrated, best transport management software had undergone rigorous tests and, has been deployed in large installations with 2000+ operational trucks, and our clients continue to reap the benefits of reducing logistics costs. Agri logistics management companies can add various logistics software modules as your business expands and grows.

Our cloud-ready transportation management software versions are engineered by logistics professionals with 20+ years of experience in building complex business applications in retail, healthcare, and banking industries to suit the needs of the enterprise, and mid-sized logistics companies in the African region. Read about transport management success stories

Call us to know more about transport management software solutions, starter kit for small business logistics companies, enterprise versions, and the pricing for Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania,Mozambique, Rwanda & Djibouti).