Transport management software benefits

What are the benefits of freight logistics software?

Ripples-FMS parcel, freight transport management software benefits are derived based on 5 key framework model that brings measurable value in reducing logistics costs, generating revenues, building competitive advantages through the importance of transport management, reducing risks in freight forwarding, and raising emotional aspects to win customers with logistics portal, apart from improving freight operational efficiencies

Ripples-FMS Logistics software benefits

Benefits of transportation in business

Invoice completion

Timely invoice completions result in timely payment along with the customer portal’s alert system. – 97% invoice completion in an FY.

More trip completions in same period of time

Faster initiation of trips, will result in more trips being completed in same period of time using our Freight Management System

Increased revenue per truck

With complete visibility of truck capacity, you average revenue per truck would be increased in parcel management

Enhances decision making

Offers key insights from reports including customer outstanding, cost center analysis, department wise profitability to help reduce expenses, balance sheet, and pending payments.

No missing out on quotes

Complete information regarding customer quotes visible along with a proper display of upcoming expiries, hence more acceptance rate.

Freight Management System, Logistics customer portal, cost savings solution

Transportation management software helps in cost control

Reduce Fuel Theft

With the Fuel module, you can monitor your fuel usage. It prevents theft by drivers and the local public.

Saving Time in operations

Logistics MIS – automatically generated reports are available for key decision-making feedback through the customer portal timely alerts will reduce the transporter owned expenses.

Saving money on reduced fines

With alerts being sent about expiry of documents, fines charged on the way reduced, hence able to save money in parcel management

Workshop Visibility

Helps you track and optimally use the resources in the workshop module. Tyre usage monitoring – prevents tyre theft re-order level alerts.

Improved Asset management

Reports stating which truck is still and asset or has become a liability will help you decide which trucks to let go off.

Saving money on human resources

Since most of the work would be automated, those employees could work on something more important. More work would be completed in same number of employees.

Enhanced transparency with transport management

Benefits of transportation in supply chain management
Parcel management software

Transparency will be increased both with employees as well as customers using Ripples-FMS transport logistics software

  • Centralized invoice management system
  • Automatic uploading of data from one module to another
  • Full tracking of cargo in transit
Digitization in logistics

Early adopters (considering in Africa, logistics companies are still using excel.)

  • Automated population of data
  • Human resource management
  • Asset management
Enhanced customer services
  • Since everything would be automated, employees will be able to pay more attention to customers queries, in enhancement of services with the logistics self service portal
Lesser frauds with transportation management systems


  • Diesel Fuel theft
  • Truck Tyre theft
  • Internal accounting frauds
  • Theft of cargo in transit – 24*7 GPS cargo Tracking
Ripples-FMS Transport management software

Risk Avoidance with logistics management software

Multi Currency accounting practices

No errors while converting the currencies

Errors while entering invoice details

Reduces human error

Reduced cargo theft

With GPS tracking, in case of a truck breakdown you will know the location of the truck, hence would be able to send the help soon.

Reduced Internal Fraud

There would be transparency and automatic population of data through the internal work, hence no internal frauds like that of by the cashier driver dehaviour monitoring.

Checklist of documents required before trip initiation

Alerts on document expiry of the vehicle as well as the drivers would be sent, hence the number of fines on the way would be reduced – 5% reduction in road fines using Ripples-FMS transport Management System.

Emotions gains & Ripples-FMS logistics software benefits
Ripples-FMS - Transport management system, Logistics software
  • Eliminates complex procedure of insurance claims process.
  • Automatic preparation of invoices
  • Employees won’t have to do the monotonous task of updating their customers for petty queries, they can be more productive in other tasks.
  • With automatically populated bonus related information, bonus preparation time reduced from one week’s time to a single click
  • Payroll preparation – 60% reduction (bonus prep, expense mgt, HR mgt)
Easy data management with freight forwarding software
  • No time wastage in switching between different excel sheets to bring inferences, MIS feature produces reports on customized KPIs
  • Maintenance of data regarding cargo theft in an organized manner
  • Increased visibility of truck and driver availability for trip allocations
Work from home options
  • You can have complete visibility of work while sitting at home.
  • You can monitor the tasks from home
  • Even your customers can track information while sitting at home from anywhere on the globe at any time.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of transportation management system should be evaluated for security aspect.

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