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Ripples-FMS Transport Management Software FAQ

Transport management software FAQ

Q. What is a Transport Management Software (TMS)?

Ans: A cloud-enabled Transport Management System (TMS) encompasses the daily operations of a road transport company, including order management, trip management, fuel and driver expenses management, vehicle tracking, and invoice management activities.

Ans: A TMS can enhance operational efficiency, reduce transportation costs, improve visibility into your trips, help to improve the business volumes, effective utilization of trucks,  employees and enable better decision-making through data analytics.

Ans: The Transport Management System by Ripples FMS includes basic modules such as Order Management, Trip Management, Fuel & Driver Expenses Management, and Invoice Management. Additionally, we offer value-added modules, including MIS dashboard, Human Resources, Workshop & Inventory (Spares & Tyres), Fleet Management, and Customer Portal, among others.

Ans: Our solution manages various types of cargo movements, including the transportation of Containerized Cargo, Break Bulk (Flatbed) cargo, Liqui cargo, Bulk Loose cargo, and Abnormal (Out Of Gauge) cargo.

Ans: Yes, our TMS allows you to create orders and generate invoices in different currencies.

Ans: Yes, our solution is compatible with languages such as English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Ans: Yes, in accordance with the software purchase plans, you have the capability to connect multiple branches and oversee your transportation operations using a multi-branch concept.

Ans: Our TMS solutions support operations ranging from 10 trucks to over 1500 trucks in a transportation company. Customers can choose the appropriate product model from our software purchase plans based on their specific transport operations.

Ans: Our solution is capable of managing both own trucks and hired trucks and  calculating the invoices separately for the hired trucks.

Ans: With the help of GPS Tracking (we do integrate with the existing GPS providers and download the data into TMS), we can provide the shipment status along with trucks whether it is real-time tracking or periodic updates.

Ans: Within the Human Resources module, transport companies can manage employee details such as biodata, next of kin information, company-assigned assets, salary preparation, loan management, staff deductions, as well as internal and external training
information for employees.

Ans: In the Stores, Tyres, and Workshop module, transport companies can efficiently manage truck purchases, spare parts and tire issues, purchase and spare returns, tire rotations, tire retreading, tire monitoring activities, and systematic analysis vehicle performance on a per-vehicle basis.

Ans: The Management Information System (MIS) offers a comprehensive perspective on operational data, including tonnage performance, revenue performance, trip profitability, and the key customers contributing significantly to the business. Additionally, MIS facilitates timely decision-making regarding assets, such as whether to maintain or retire trucks, among other considerations.

Ans : The customer portal serves as a self-service tool designed for the regular customers of transport companies. Through this portal, regular customers can log in to access information about their orders, trip details, shipment tracking, pending invoices, and more. Additionally, customers can utilize the built-in CRM tool to raise complaints or provide feedback, with the ability to track the progress. This system aims to minimise the need for customers to make repetitive calls to branches inquiring about their consignment details.

Ans: Absolutely. Our TMS is built with flexibility in mind and can seamlessly integrate with various third-party software through API format.

Ans: We offer two types of product models for purchase: Perpetual Licensing and the SaaS Model.

Perpetual Licensing Model – In this model, customers can purchase the product with a one- time cost, and following the warranty period, an Annual Maintenance Contract will apply each year. In this model, apart from the core product, we offer customization based on customer requirements for an additional charge.

SaaS Model – In this model, various plans such as BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD are available.

Customers can choose the category that best suits their day-to-day operations. In this model, no customization is available. Customers can use the product in its “AS IS” condition.

Ans: We provide cloud hosting, allowing customers to access the software simply by using any up-to-date browser and logging in with their credentials

Cloud based Transport Management Software FAQ

Q. What are the key benefits of using cloud-based TMS?

Ans: Some of the key benefits of using a cloud-based TMS are no physical servers, cost- effectiveness, increased accessibility, quicker deployment, greater scalability, minimal IT management, automatic back-ups etc.

Ans: To get started, you can contact our sales team for a consultation or you can visit this page select the suitable plan and contact us.

Ans: All installations, configurations can be handled online in the cloud. Perpetual Licencing model – We do offer the onsite implementation on a chargeable basis all across the world. Our implementation engineers will travel to the transport company, location to facilitate the entire implementation process, which involves staff training, live support, and hands-on assistance as they begin using the software.

SaaS Model – We offer documentation and video tutorials explaining the software's functionality and usage. Additionally, we provide on-demand online training services at an additional cost.

Perpetual licensing model – online support is available beyond the warranty period through the Annual Maintenance Contract. Onsite visits are also offered, and charges apply for this service.

SaaS model – Each month, the selected plan entitles you to a specific number of complimentary support calls. If you require additional support exceeding this limit, it will be provided at a charge.

Transport management software FAQ


Customer Web order entry? – Yes

Does the system define orders and legs (shipments) separately? Can we create visible vs nonvisible legs for clients? – Yes

Can users be associated with an order for tracking and reporting purposes? – Yes

Appointment booking required by the customer ? – Planned releaseAppointment management? (Contacted, Waiting, booked etc…)

Document management by order? – Yes

Notification system – YesCan a 24/48 hour notification be sent to the end-user? – Yes

Can Order verification notification be sent to the end-user to verify delivery requirements? – Yes

loading dock, hours of delivery, special requirements, inside delivery, etc – Yes

when an order is modified, will/can the revised notification be re-sent? – Yes

Can reporting create a report combining different business objects (Orders, Loads, Settlement Info, etc.)? – Yes

Can reports be scheduled in Ripples-FMS transport management software ? – Yes
Can reports be sent to an email address that does not exist in the TMS (Manual entry of email address)? – Yes
Does the system have the ability to export reports into different formats (PDF, Excel, etc.)? – Yes
Does the system provide dashboard reports in transport management software ? – Yes
Can users drill down from dashboard reports into summary reports and into the transactions detail? – Yes
Can we create our own reports? – Yes, with some training
Can your system identify and report on trends? – Yes
Can your system perform predictive analytics? – Yes, customised solution
Can notification be sent out? Booking confirmation / pickup notice / eta change notice / arrival notice/ delivered? – Yes
Can your system rate LTL shipments? – Yes
Can your system rate TL shipments? – Yes
Can your system rate LTL use tariff-based rates? – Yes
Can your system rate LTL use pallet-based rates? – Yes
Can your system rate based on weight, volume, distance, freight class, pallet count, and piece count – Yes
Does your product support rate blocking – Yes
Can FAK rates be set up in Transport management software ? – No
Can your system define lanes? = No
Are accessorial charges supported within your system? – No
Does your system support effective dates (i.e. Start Dates, Stop Dates) for rates? Yes
Does your system support multi-currency billing in transport management software ? – Yes

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