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HR, transport and logistics Payroll Software, easier, accurate and timely preparation of payroll.

Transport logistics payroll software

Workforce management within the transport and logistics payroll management can be challenging, as multiple teams would be working in different locations across various shifts. Ripples-FMS offers an integrated logistics payroll software that equips standardized HR methodologies and adapted to the freight forwarding & logistics workforce practices.

A fully functional payroll management system means, half the headache gone for HR managers. All HR related complexities like Payroll Management, Employee handling, Workforce Reports, and Training & Development scenarios are well configured within the system. Whatever be the size of your workforce HR Managers can initiate an effective level of employee monitoring and optimize HR efficiency using logistics softwares.

With respect to current safe distancing norms, manually controlling employee work logs and noncontact attendance are near to impossible without comprehensive HR & Payroll Management integrated in transport and logistics software for small business.

Workforce safety is now all-important in a post Covid19 business environment. Touchless attendance, non-contact body temperature monitoring, warehouse asset inventory tracking are essentials for today’s transport and logistics workforce community.

Transport and Logistics payroll software

  • Complete visibility on human resources at every level of logistics operations
  • Handling of routine HR tasks using error free logistics software
  • Enhanced employee-employer communication
  • Enables core role of optimizing HR department efficiency
  • Improves training and employee self-service capabilities

Payroll software for transport and logistics

  • Remove headaches in payroll preparations
  • Effective monitoring of employee-related payments
  • Time savings and increased efficiency by avoiding manual payroll processing

What is logistic ERP? Most of today’s logistics and transport management business lacks an integrated HR management system aligned with its core logistics operations. This results in vague workforce insights and lack of work coordination. Ripples-FMS HR & Payroll management module coordinates core operational and HR activities and identifies any gaps in employee productivity and efficiency.

Besides activities in payroll and leave management, the employee management system module also includes options to manage staff loans and advances, deductions, bonuses, and arranging training programs. The overall system ensures that the data, especially of your senior management and director level employees are kept confidential. The HR application is completely flexible and is aligned with your resource optimization plans in the future.

Module Features of payroll software

  • Payroll reports like payslip, payroll register, statutory reports in a single click.
  • Import bulk external data like an added bonus for many employees and integrate with payslip in a single click.
  • Employee information & documents management
  • Automated payroll management
  • Non-contact attendance monitoring
  • Leave management system
  • HR based reports and push notifications
  • Well established performance metrics for workforce insights
  • Payslip preparation/appraisal
  • Calculating driver bonus against each trip
  • Training program evaluations
  • Fully integrated to reap the benefits of logistics software

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In the ‘Stay safe, Stay healthy’ scenario workforce safety and easy coordination of workforce activities is of utmost importance for logistics & transportation companies. With innovative touchless attendance & non-contact body temperature monitoring solutions, Ripples-FMS lays down advanced level HR practices to help transport and logistics companies cope with the current unprecedented scenario. Fully integrated with accounting software for logistics company

Talk to our experts to know more about easy to implement HR & logistics Payroll management practices in transport and logistics software for small business.