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Fleet management & connected services dashboard

Scania Fleet Management API and Scania dashboard analytics provide information on fuel control, vehicle tracking, driver behavior analysis (overspeeding, braking), etc. Scania Fleet Management software API’s sharing information helps to identify and use the key details needed to increase the productivity of the fleet.  The system is already installed in all new Scania trucks, and can also fit additional communicators for old trucks, Sun group has 350+ Scania fleets in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Lusaka, Zambia

Scania fleet management portal API

In Ripples-FMS Transport logistics software we use fuel information and driver behavior details at the time of trip closing to evaluate truck and driver performance and Driver bonus calculations. The web-based interface allows the operations team to quickly analyze the performance of the Scania fleet on the road, take corrective actions where needed with Scania portal integration

Scania Fleet Management software API & Dashboard 

Driver Evaluation – lets you check drivers’ driving styles so you can help them improve their driving to save fuel and reduce vehicle wear and tear.

Vehicle Evaluation – lets you check your vehicles’ performance parameters including fuel economy and emissions so you can troubleshoot maintenance to reduce downtime.

Fuel report – provides an overview of fuelling events such as when and where refueling occurred, which driver carried it out, and how much the fuel level changed.

Events report – provides a list of occurred events in the fleet. An event could be, for example; Low engine oil pressure, or a Bus door opening.

Vehicle tracking – lets you follow your fleet and monitor each vehicle’s status. Know each driver’s location, speed, and accumulated driving time. Set  Geofence alarms for borders and restricted areas.

Fleet position – shows the fleet’s current positions, vehicle status  (on/off, moving direction), and accumulated driving time.

Environmental report – reviews the emissions caused by a  specific vehicle during a selected period.

Ripples-FMS integrated Scania portal integration, Fleet management API

Driver Evaluation, Vehicle Evaluation & Fuel report

Technologies for fleet management solutions & integration

Scania used rest API to provide information and we used  REST debugger components to retrieve data from a browser-based dashboard with analytics and prediction capabilities.

Benefits of Scania Fleet management API integration

  • Quick access to a fleet overview
  • Helps you make decisions that cut fuel consumption
  • Identifies vehicles that are not being driven optimally
  • Service Planning reduces unplanned downtime, saving money
  • Lowering fuel consumption
  • Maximize fuel efficiency
  • Reducing wear and maintenance needs vehicle data, fleet position, and reviews of driving performance
  • Integrate the Scania fleet management app

Group Process Control and Systems Development In-charge

One can download information per trip for driver ranking and compare it to actual fuel versus ECM fuel. The Scania fleet management analytics dashboard from Ripples-FMS is a web-based solution that provides insights based on data analytics.

There is no diagnostic tool available for trucks to download trip information from the ECM. So for Gyro, they have to take the trip info from the dashboard. The information is limited. We can also use idling time and speeding as driver ranking indicators to help us with driver training needs. We can also maybe look at a report for the driver trainers in the future with this information.

Cutting your fuel costs with Scania tracking

It is found that if there is 20% more idling time in a trip it can reduce fuel consumption by between 0.25-0.4 which makes a huge difference. Drivers need to be trained not to idle, thanks to an efficient logistic management system.

Because at trip closing a driver is debriefed face to face, and when the downloaded average fuel consumption is available, the trip closer can immediately know if there is a problem with a truck that needs to be resolved in a workshop or whether a driver is not driving considering fuel economy. For example, the driver is allowed 2.33 for ST, but now he comes back with a fuel shortage (trip closing) of let’s say 250 liters. Scania fleet management API & dashboard and analytics come in handy.

Now the driver might tell the trip closer – “I did not steal the fuel, there is a problem with my truck”. Immediately without having to waste operational time, data from the ECM consumption, the trip closer will immediately see for example the ECM avg was 2.4 – meaning the driver is lying and then will proceed to close the trip and deduct the charges from the driver.

Reduce consumption and increase efficiency

If the ECM avg was for example 1.9, then the trip closer will escalate to the workshop manager to get operational details such as the driver performance report for the trip and to check for faults on the truck before the trip is closed. At trip closing the ECM kilometers will be readily available for the trip closer,

If the driver went off the route, immediate disciplinary action can be taken. Also, comparing the kilometers ensures data quality because trip closers will ensure controllers schedule trips correctly so that we can have the correct kilometers in the Logistics MIS

Group Executive Operations manager

The following data and information would be very useful for the ST Tanker – Driver Ranking: Over speeding – “Engine Overspeed Value”  and Freewheeling – “Coasting Value” The reason for the “Coasting Value” specifically is that no Tanker should be coasting with Scania tracking.

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