R I P P L E S - F M S

Truck yard management – locate, measure, and monitor
Ripples-FMS Freight Logistics Yard management, fleet yard monitoring, forklift tracking, driver tracking

Ripples FMS – An innovative transport logistics yard management and inventory monitoring solution with and truck workflow tracking suite, with integrated Internet of things and real-time data analytics to help improve fleet operations in the logistics yard,  inventory management,  security, and compliance. Our logistics software, devices, and dashboard are ready for quick deployment in logistics yards, trucks, shipment containers, and on forklift and inventory pallets. The transmitted or logged data can be monitored with the help of fixed or mobile readers installed around the yard, customer locations, or parking spaces. We also provide the Tyre management in Asia-Pacific, Africa regions.

Logistics yard management software: Features & Benefits
  • Information on indoor inventory location, people, material in and out
  • Track movement of forklift between storage bays for people safety
  • Workflow of trucks – unloading, washing, repairs & tyre rotation
  • Auto check-in and check out of trucks and cargo at the yards
  • SMS alerts on truck arrival/departure status
  • Improve truck yard management process flow
  • Share relevant information with suppliers, partners
  • Logistics yard workflow monitoring – trucks, people & processes
Why Ripples-FMS for transport logistics truck yard management?
  • Product proven, tried, tested, and highly configurable to suit most needs
  • Cost-effective when compared to traditional inventory tracking solutions
  • Absolutely no wiring or infrastructure costs involved.
  • Integrating innovative asset & inventory trackers
  • Training and implementation services worldwide
  • 24-hour support worldwide using remote connectivity tools

The logistics yard automation parameters, generated in real-time will transmit operating parameters that can be accessed from our IoT platform for logistics yard on a secure server environment – choice of cloud or on-premise model. For e.g, your supplier at the production house or operations can monitor the arrival, departure timings while at dispatch and transit. This helps in improved logistics for long term construction site logistics

Logistics yard management, forklift tracking & monitoring solutions

Integrating the logistics solution in warehousing and logistics yards can also help you share excess capacity information within your business cluster or keeping track of spare parts and high-value inventory at the warehouse.  Monitoring of key equipment such as chillers, storage racks, Indoor air quality visitor tracking, intruder detection, distance tracking, forklift movement alerts, approaching crane alerts, and regulatory compliance for lone worker safety and yard management in logistics.

Ripples-FMS transport logistics yard management systems

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