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JJ Group and Greendoor Group Success story

JJ group and Greendoor Group are the leading logistics and transport companies in Southern Africa with 20+ years of experience in cross-border transport and having 2000+ trucks. Our customized FMS solution acts an important role in all their transporters’ day-to-day operations for the past 10 years. In this period they became one of the best logistics and transport companies in the Southern Africa region.

Ripples-FMS helped the logistics business partnership to identify the bottlenecks in their daily operations and it enables the management to take swift action to resolve them and improved services to their clients.

Excel to Freight Management System

Before FMS, the logistics companies were used to Excel, which can be changed or tampered with anytime. With FMS, they could save data securely.  It is easy to handle and follow up. We can look into the logistics billing as an example, where, it was done in excel with a lot of man-made errors and took an average of 30 to 40 minutes. Now it is reduced to 5 to 10 minutes with no errors. It was very difficult for them to check the booking and other previous data in excel. FMS made it possible within seconds with a lot of filtering options.

Cloud Based Logistics software system

FMS is a cloud-based system, any user, either a management or a normal user, can access it at any time. It helped them to avoid delay in approvals of many urgent decisions, validations, etc. It was also helpful in the work from home scenario due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Read our logistics case studies

Management Information & KPI

Helps the management to increase the value and profit of the business by giving the whole information in a fingertip. Daily automated MIS reports helped management to track and plan everything accordingly. Customized KPI helped to monitor the performance of departments as well as employees

Ripples-FMS Freight Management System

An easy-to-use, deploy and integrated module designed mainly for operators. As there are so many transactions every day on the operations side,  it was very useful to them to schedule, dispatch, and for whatever the actions/operations carrying out in the module. Validations and pre-defined data prevent the users from making errors and make it an efficient and effective data entry. It is highly beneficial for Consignment booking, proper scheduling and dispatch of trucks in the fleet, driver management, and allocation, vehicle expenses for trips, capturing digital POD, etc.

As we know there are so many cargo types in the transportation industry, this module is capable of accommodating all cargo types in the module with pre-defined operation criteria. JJ and Greendoor logistics partnership  uses almost all cargo related functions, and thus Ripples-FMS became a centralized data hub for them for all their operations

Complex and time-consuming tasks in a single click

Scheduling a single truck or invoicing a single trip manually, prepare salary for a single employee, etc., be itself a big task, as it will consume a lot of hours to complete. If there are any mistakes in the preparation, then it will take more time. Then can you imagine scheduling 50+ trucks, invoicing 100’s of trips, salary preparation for all employees by a user in a single day? Here is the advantage of multiple scheduling, multiple invoicing, etc., comes. It allows the user to schedule 50+ trucks, invoice 100s of trips, and prepares salary for all employees in a single click and thus saves a huge amount of man-hour and eliminates human errors.

Improving Internal Communication

Users can plan and organize their day-to-day works based on the automatic report they receiving at regular intervals. As the driver documents and truck-related documents are very important in the case of a transport company, it is crucial to keep all the documents valid in the journey of a truck or trip. FMS notifies the responsible persons about the expiry of the documents and helps to be ready for all the time with valid documents.

Instant alert and notifications

Instant alerts through mail at the time of Booking will make a customer happy every time as it is a valid proof of booking. This can be done through FMS. There are so many other situations to notify the management or the corresponding responsible persons about crucial information. It can be done through instant alerts and notifications.

Connecting every employee in the business cycle

It is important to notify the employees or drivers about their payslip, advance payments, etc. Even though it does through instant mails, most of the people in the African region are far from internet access. As this is the condition, FMS automatic SMS allowed the JJ and Greendoor group of companies to reach each of the employees through their mobile numbers.

Claims and insurance settlement

Using the claims and insurance module legal team gets a complete track of accident, theft, fines and claims settlement procedures, theft monitoring procedures, etc.

Third-party software integration
  • Flexible third-party integration with Fuel, driver expense, and logistics reduces a tremendous amount of man-hour.
  • Integration with a sensor-based Fuel monitoring system (otipetrosmart) helped to make a fully automatic fuel stock system.
  • Integration with Inter Africa Transport Forex made driver expense, outside fuel filing, on-road services like parking, road toll tax, etc., cashless.
  • Integration with warehouse software helps to update logistics order information automatically and it made the process faster.
  • Integration of different GPS providers in a single-window makes tracking easier. (As there are so many transporters, they use different GPS providers)
Stores & Workshop management

It acts as an inventory management system. Ripples-FMS has a proper spare purchase and issue process and it made the company stock-taking, easy. The sequence of capturing job card, initiate spare requests against work orders, Generate Purchase orders, Transfer stocks between branches or smart warehouses kept the process in a harmonic way

Own Fuel station stock Management and Outside fuel station filling

JJ and Green door Group have their own fuel stations in the yard. Using FMS they are easily managing fuel purchase and stock, and pre defined fuel consumption master helps to allocate fuel to each trip and hence help to effective fuel utilization and prevents fuel theft. Outside fuel consumption module helps to create fuel PO and notify the fuel station and invoice.  Integration with Inter Africa Transport Forex made outside fuel filing easy.

Magic with Reports

There was a time for JJ and Greendoor group were grappling with report preparation in excel lasting 3 to 4 days or more, in a month. Ripples-FMS helped them to win the battle by preparing all the reports in a single click.

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