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Ripples-FMS The best Transport logistics management software modules

Logistics management software modules

We offer a range of transport logistics management and Freight forwarding software modules suited for small businesses. They are integrated with core back-office systems to meet the requirements of those wanting to adopt digital technology-driven practices. Our logistics operations management savings are used by leading transport companies in East Africa and the Asia Pacific regions.

Transport Logistics management customer service portal.

Enhance the services provided by your logistics company. Our ready to deploy, browser-based logistics portal is best for enabling self-service – to check cargo dispatch status, current geolocation, raise queries, request accounts statements, etc.

The core strength of our small business logistics software solution is its right integration with your robust business processes, whereby the customer and vendors will be able to interact securely with your business to access information relevant to their operations. This also helps the back office team members to work from home, improve productivity and stay safe using transport logistics software modules.

Ripples-FMS  – Transport Logistics management software for small businesses

The transportation management logistics software modules for transport logistics & freight forwarding is a starter kit edition to help companies in the African region get on with their digital transformation journey. Types of logistics systems to help improve operations, accountability, reduce costs and enhance customer service using web enabled software logistics.

  • Ready to use transport logistics management system software
  • Know more about the Benefits of transportation logistics software
  • Pre-configured software with ready-to-use invoice templates.
  • Training videos, account manager for help desk support.
  • Fixed budget, on-time project implementation.
  • Dedicated cloud hosting to ensure data privacy and security.

Logistics operations

Consignment booking, proper scheduling and dispatch of trucks in the fleet, manage driver & vehicle expenses for the trip,  capturing POD, (…)

Logistics accounting software

Accurate entry of finance vouchers, multi-currency master support, streamline complex invoicing procedures, track incorrect payment transactions, (…)

Logistics invoice template software

Define each customer rate, Trip-based logistics invoice template, calculate demurrage charges against each trip, approve pending expenses, (…)

MIS in Logistics

Breakdowns and accidents,  tonnage performances, client engagement and performance, contribution margin, Current trends, and forecasting, (…)

Warehouse Logistics invoice customer portal software solutions

Enabling digital automation for Transport logistics management, Freight forwarding & small business logistics. Complete information about the goods in transit, tracking invoices, pending payment against invoices, MIS dashboards, live alerts. Hosted on a fixed cost dedicated cloud storage for data privacy & safety for transportation management in logistics  (…)

Logistics Insurance

Integration with third-party logistics insurance systems, complete issue capturing, claims settlement procedure, pilferage, theft & condition monitoring, (…)

Fuel management

Voucher & expense entries, Integration with IoT systems to capture fuel data, Correlating fuel expenditure with vehicle performance & driver behavior, (…)

Stores and Workshop

Capture job card, initiate spare requests against work orders, Generate PO, Transfer stocks between branches or warehouses, (…)

Human Resources

Non contact, accurate capturing of employee information, complete payroll preparations, conducting and evaluating staff training programs, (…)

Fleet Management

Right from customer order management and optimized fleet selection, accidents, thefts, vehicle damages, warehouse inventory, abuse, pilferages, cargo insurance, storage environment

Warehouse asset inventory

Accurate positioning of cargo in yards, logistics tracking of inventory in warehouses, optimizing inventory storage space, alert on unauthorized movement, tracking of inventory transfer from one location to another.

Truck & Driver

Complete information capture about trucks in fleets, company cars etc, track driver behavior & shift changes during transit operations in ports and transshipment centers

Logistics documents

Consignment booking that came through port, document submissions, taxation and clearance, port storage expiry, available loads, daily to-do tasks reminder makes logistics management easier.

Transport logistics software modules

The integrated Transport logistics software modules can be deployed in phases as the implementation progresses. Our software deployment teams are based in East Africa and Singapore to provide you face to face interactions. If there arises any need for building customized reports to meet your needs, the report building function is a versatile tool to help create management information within a few days’ time. 

Transport management, Digital twin in Logistics, fraud control, user locking, logging of the transaction, secure access, periodic password change, IP address logging, and restrictions are some of the logistics invoice software features that help significantly reduce potential frauds in your logistics business.

The central Operations management of our small business freight forwarding, logistics software is certainly a plus point that can help plug loopholes in trip management, especially in regions where major finance payments for drivers are made through cash payments. Claims & settlements of accidents, thefts, warehouse asset inventory etc can be managed easily using our insurance & claims module and given to clients through the logistics customer service portal and optimising full truck load operations.

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