Logistics Invoice management software

Ripples-FMS Freight logistics invoice management software, expense tracking software

Logistics Invoice Management & expense tracking software

Logistics invoice management software systems play a big part in maintaining a smooth carrier-shipper relationship. As a trusted logistics management software provider for leading freight forwarding companies across Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe, we can ensure solutions for on-time preparation of invoicing & reduce accounts receivables & accurate expense tracking. The rapid implementation team at Ripples-FMS gives importance to deploying payment systems, expense control, and invoice management modules. 

So what does efficient logistics invoice management software do besides handling the day-to-day logistics operations and transportation expense tracking? What should be the advantages of logistics software? Can it manage demurrage charges?

For starters, it would improve the productivity of your accountants and improve the clarity of the overall carrier invoice requirements. It should also help in controlling high logistics costs that are generally increased by the day. Freight invoices are generally considered a complex workflow thanks to its various internal linkages of logistics operations, and a high chance of calculation errors. The need of the hour is a fully automated transportation cost optimization logistics software.

Logistics & transportation expense tracking & management

Let us throw some light on the issues and concerns that are faced by transportation and logistics companies over expense tracking and invoice management.  The topmost priority for any software should be the automatic calculation of income and expenses. This should eliminate any errors from the user level to generate timely & accurate invoices.

Also, there should be a multiple-level verification that should ensure that no manipulations are being done. The application users should have the access rights to capture complete order details which will automatically calculate the expense and income.

Improve customer service with logistics invoice management software

Regular e-mail alerts should be provided on pending expenses approval and trips to be invoiced. The standard expenses can be easily configured by top management and standard rates must be fixed accordingly.  

Overall the application should streamline complex invoice management procedures and identify any incorrect payment transactions.

Ripples-FMS Freight logistics invoice management software

In Ripples-FMS we have an in-built logistics invoice management software for capturing all logistics costs against an invoice, managing demurrage and losses, various reporting and alerting options on financial irregularities, etc.

So if you are on the lookout for efficient billing & logistics invoice management software with expense tracking, centralized logistics operations, please contact us for the Logistics Digital maturity assessment.

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