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As part of its logistics management software, Ripples-FMS offers in-depth logistics and transport logistics insurance software. Supported by easy-to-deploy cargo, fleet monitoring, and tracking technologies, the module has well-defined procedures to track and record accidents, thefts, vehicle damages, warehouse inventory, abuse, pilferages, transport insurance, storage environment, etc.

A challenging problem for any logistics company is when their trucks get involved in an accident or one of their transit cargo gets stolen or damaged. If not monitored properly, subsequent logistics claims and insurance management become complicated due to paperwork and legal hurdles and result in unexpected financial losses. Now it is easy to file a claim, return authorization, vendor claim, and damage claim through the easy-to-use claims management processes provided by the software to simplify back office work management.


Transport insurance software for easy settlement

Logistics Insurance software

  • Reduce complexity and staff efforts in insurance processing
  • Time Savings through automated insurance & claims process
  • Increased efficiency through accurate insurance planning and execution of tasks
  • Avoids improper handling of freight claims & reduce human errors
Coordination & Communication
  • Timely communication & coordination with insurance providers
  • Complete mapping of policy-related details
  • Streamline and hassle-free logistics claims process
  • Easily communicate the current status of insurance approval

Logistics Insurance Claims management - goods in transit, transportation insurance solutions

Challenges faced in logistics claims management

In case of damaged freight and lost or stolen cargo, logistics and trucking companies involved will most likely be held liable for the loss and have to pay huge compensation to logistic customers. Standard practices like analyzing different claim related incidents and deriving a safety plan may not be followed. Handling freight claims with manual or legacy software systems requires time and effort and most often logistics companies fail to submit claims and brought claims to resolution in a timely manner. Smooth collaboration with insurance partners with respect to real-time information and document sharing is also a big challenge for logistics firms.

Ripples-FMS logistics claims and insurance software analyzes incidents, alerts meaningful insights, and ensures claims are properly filed and processed without any holdups. The system effectively tracks insurance claims status and ensures effective integration with insurance partners. Account for damage and loss, easier filling of claim form, easily access claim information, carrier relationships for supply chain freight bills.

Logistics claims & transportation insurance settlement

logistics claims, insurance settlement software - Ripples-FMS

Claims management in logistics

  • Reporting and deep analysis of claim related incidents
  • Claims settlement management & review
  • Insurance data configuration and ntegration with insurance providers
  • Notifications on insurance expiry & status alerts of day-to-day claims
  • Scanning and attaching of insurance documents
  • Comprehensive claims & insurance reports
  • Sensors for warehouse asset inventory tracking & theft monitoring
  • Export data in formats as required by insurance parties
  • Fully integrated with logistics accounting software

Industry advances with freight logistics, transport insurance

Logistics insurance software modules - transportation claimsFor efficient logistics claims and insurance settlement during tough times, it is imperative for logistics and fleet management companies to be well equipped with an online claims & insurance management system. The freight management insurance & claims module in the Ripples-FMS logistics software solution offers powerful features to improve the speed and efficiency of insurance & claims management. Apart from capturing claims-related incidents, the module allows authorized users to collaborate easily, in real-time, to build and process logistic insurance claims. The module initiates standardized claims handling across branches and is well connected with finance department operations. Integrated web based freight claims management, cargo claim, carrier claim, bill of lading to save you time.

Now manage all your logistics claims & insurance settlement procedures in a systematic and efficient manner.  Save money by monitoring your fleet 24*7 with our robust solutions. 

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