Freight management solutions East Africa

Yogesh Nathan, EMA Ripples IoT Pte Ltd

Yogesh Nathan, head of the East Africa team

Mr.Yogesh Nathan, a self-starter, with bags of energy, who is always leading the team from the front and who is bold to take any initiatives when the going gets tough. Business Head-MEA, he is a career technology professional in the area of Business Development and General Management with 18 years of experience working on IT (Software and hardware), Telecom, and Office Automation products, solutions, and services.

Yogesh’s focus will be on supporting new business development opportunities, extending partnerships, and contriRipples-FMS Freight Management Solutionsbuting to Ripples-FMS growth strategy. He established and maintained relationships with Key Ministries and Government Departments to ensure favorable organizational positioning. He also initiated and managed partnership agreements with key consultants in the Industry thereby augmenting and strengthening the organization’s overall competitive position. He holds a degree in Commerce and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

East Africa – Freight management solutions, hospital ERP & warehouse automation

We are proud to have such a person who has overseen country operations, undertaken start-up establishment as also commenced ground-up sales operations with different technologies entities in diverse geographies under varying socio-economic and cultural landscapes. He has, in his career had, the opportunity to build, manage and mentor multiple operations teams, including sales teams throughout the years.

His geographical experience spans the markets in the Middle East and African countries namely Oman, Ethiopia, Uganda as well as India. 

Other outstanding achievements as a professional;

  • Succeed in establishing an operational sales footprint with multiple sales win with top corporate houses for Vicisoft in Oman.
  • Established ground up and run the start-up IT/Telecom Solutions Company in tGrove Technologies in Ethiopia.
  • Institutionalized maintenance contracts and outsourcing agreements in the Ethiopian Corporate. 
  • Support landscape resulting in increased service revenues for MFI Trading and Office Solutions by X-times thereof. 
  • Won the 1st Reprographic outsourcing contract for Pixel Digital Systems with a major consultant in UAE 

Mr. Yogesh oversees the business development activities and partner development initiatives in Freight management solutions, logistics management, ERP for hospitals , and industrial automation.

Call Yogesh  Nathan at +250 781 843 966

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