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Deploying a logistics customer portal. A self service portal in supply chain and freight forwarding is important for companies to maintain a competitive advantage and enhance operational efficiencies to meet the demanding needs of customers and partners. A logistics client portal in your business can allow users to connect all their operations including cargo tracking, invoicing, account balances, yard management, and logistics inventory under one roof. Go digital today with self service customer service and save operating expenses.

We use rapid application, low code development tools that are fully secure and error-free to deploy in the lowest possible turnaround time, accessible on thousands of desktop and mobile devices.

Logistics Customer self-service portal success story

Logistics customer self-service portal developed to handle freight forwarding of Mars Moz Freight Forward, Lda is a freight forward company based in Beira, Mozambique, that provides a full-service of cargo handling, clearing, and delivery in international trade from/to Beira, connecting hinterland destinations such as Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, DRC, and vice versa, and also an agency for domestic cargo. More about customer portal

Logistics customer portal software

In many logistics companies, transit, and theft can be reduced to a great extent by deploying our innovative warehouse and cargo monitoring in logistics transportation. A Logistics client portal can help medium and large-sized freight transport companies and logistics operators save money through improved utilization of warehouse space, and better tracking of inventory dispatch, loading, and transit to optimize cost in transport logistics

Implementing a freight management customer self-service software portal that tracks and monitors cargo movement and storage will enhance the competitive advantage of firms in the business of logistics management. The completely wireless solutions are easy to deploy and low on maintenance.

Logistics login customer self-service portal 

Nowadays we come across Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) integrated cargo tracking & anti-theft solution with data analytics modules. A real-time data interface and the smart rule engine will help detect anomalies in supply chain inventory and operations visibility by enabling complete information into the storage, inventory status, and location of cargo inside warehouses and on every truck. Users of logistics portal software will gain new insights delivered through the customer login portal

  • Say goodbye to repeated work using excel files in logistics operations
  • Sends alerts on consignment and truck arrival/departure, automatic check-in and check-out at warehouses and yards
  • Collects & analyzes data on the condition & location of cargo, machines & trucks to ensure performance
  • Provides 24/7 support enabled with a data logging platform and sensor integration using remote connectivity tools
  • Shares information on the environment of storage, delivery schedule, parking, and traffic with the partners and suppliers
  • Logistics yard monitoring – Arrivals, departure, workforce, driver tracking.
  • Workflow and productivity monitoring in the logistics yard
  • Integrated transport logistics accounting software.
  • Tracking the utilization of racks in warehouses information on client portal
  • Forklift, Pallet, and bin monitoring with the layout map
  • Linking the data with customer production and procurement cycles
  • Secure customer portal with OTP to enable login
  • Hosted on secure web hosting / on-premise models

Customer portal for cargo tracking in logisticsLogistics customer portal software

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