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Ripples-FMS logistics customer invoice portal solutions for Mars Moz Freight Forward, Lda

Digital transformation helps logistics companies achieve higher efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Logistics Customer invoice portal

Logistics Invoice portal in freight forwarding business. Mars Moz Freight Forward, Lda is a freight forward company based in Beira, Mozambique, that provides a full-service of cargo handling, clearing, and delivery in international trade from/to Beira, connecting hinterland destinations such as Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, DRC, and vice versa, and also agency for domestic cargo. The Logistics invoice portal helps in reducing costs and improving customer service.

Logistics customer service invoice tracking portal for Mars Moz

Ripples-FMS provided the cloud-based freight forwarding logistics invoice portal for the client.

  • Customers will place the order even before the ship arrives in the Beira Port.
  • In the vessel details, it will mention the Expected Arrival, and sometimes it is delayed due to various reasons.
  • Once the order is received, then Mars Moz will contact the clearing agent to start the clearance works and also collect the documents from the customer.
  • Once the ship has arrived, if the clearance works are completed, then agents will monitor the offloading activities from the ship to port.
  • Then if the documents are correct and taxes are paid, then that cargo will be taken out of the port.
  • Then Mars Moz will receive the invoice from the clearing agent and they will enter and approve the payment information in Ripples-FMS. These expenses are loaded based on predefined details.
  • Marsmoz will generate the Customer invoice template once the shipment is completed. The invoice generation is an automatic process based on the predefined tariff.
  • The customer’s payment can be part-by-part, or it may also be for multiple orders.
  • Mars Moz analyzes their P & L for each order or container wise.
  • iso excellence in service award can be received and logistics invoice template excel can be replaced.
Logistics transportation Trip management

Most of the time the freight forwarder has the responsibility for the container until the cargo is delivered and returns the empty container to the port. Mars Moz doesn’t have its own trucks. So they are using a separate module for container tracking.

The freight forwarder can use the operation module if they have their own trucks.

Freight forwarding customer logistics invoice portal for Marz Moz

Customers view all the information and status details about their order.

  • Customers have the ability to upload and view the shipment documents.
  • The freight forwarder will send the missing document to be uploaded as a task to the customer in Ripples-FMS, so the customer will receive an email alert on this, and they can upload those documents using this option.
  • Customers can request a quotation using the customer portal.
  • Customers can inform any kind of complaint\Feedback to the freight forwarder and can check the status.
  • Customers can have a real-time chat with the freight forwarder using the chat option.

Customer portal for digital self service in transportation

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