Ripples-FMS Logistics customer portal, cost savings software solution ; logistics client portal softwareLogistics software with client portal – generate revenues & save operating costs

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” ~ Michael LeBoeuf

With a logistics client portal software, you can profit through operational cost savings & generate revenues by handling larger volumes with the same resources, while delivering enhanced customer services.  Let’s know-how!

There is nothing more important than ensuring your customers are satisfied and happy with your service. But achieving the ultimate goal of profit-making cannot be ignored as well. 

Improve revenue by deploying best logistics customer portal software

With the logistics client portal, you can increase your revenue in two ways: –

Increased Customer Retention: – Your customers will no longer have to wait in long queues to get their queries and complaints addressed. They could quickly log in to the portal and track their cargo in transit. This adds to the customer convenience while selecting your company as their service delivery option with a logistics login. Hence, they would like to come back to your company for further future requirements as well as to build a competitive advantage with the logistics portal.

Attract more customers: – A satisfied customer would definitely talk about your company with their friends, business partners, and other acquaintances intentionally or unintentionally. Thus delivering an excellent customer experience with additional convenience benefits would attract more customers through word of mouth

Cost savings with best logistics customer portal development

Saving costs is another goal for companies to enhance profits. The logistics client portal software can help you achieve that in the following ways: –

Time is money: – Both you and your customers will be able to save time using this logistics customer service portal. Your employees won’t have to spend time updating customers about their cargo tracking details. Hence, those employees would be able to concentrate on more essential tasks increasing employee productivity. As more work would be covered by the same number of employees, money will be saved in the hiring process.

Your customers won’t have to wait in long queues to get their issues addressed. They could get the required information within a single click using the logistics customer support software; hence their time would also be saved. Read about the benefits of deploying client portal software in transport logistics.

Save money on collecting Feedback: – Collecting customer feedback is a vital part of customer mapping. Often, resources are exhausted in collecting the feedback, and even then, there are issues of biased feedback, restricted feedback, improper feedback, etc. With the logistics customer portal development tool, your customers can deliver feedback freely via the portal itself. Since feedback would be filled the very instant of service delivery, customers would remember the service quality.

No more document delays: – Often, timely deliveries become impossible due to customers failing to upload the proper documents at the right time, resulting in exhausting your resources. For example: – Failing to dispatch the goods from your warehouse just because the customer failed to upload documents timely. Keeping goods in warehouses involves certain costs. Also, you might lose out on an essential customer due to no vacancy in your warehouse. These issues would be resolved using the portal as alerts would be sent regarding uploading the documents. 

Customer portal for cargo tracking in logistics

Easy to deploy customer portal for logistics

Call today and enhance your customer delivery services, let us help you build a customer portal for generating revenues by partnering with Ripples-FMS. A good knowledge base for b2b customer web portal with support requests, account management system, user friendly and easy to deploy.