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Ripples-FMS Transport accounting software

Transport Logistics Accounting Software

Transport accounting software on cloud

Ripples-FMS transport logistics accounting software for the forwarder logistics industry helps streamline the financial aspects, and efficiently handle multi-currency transport accounting practices. 

Key business insights from reports, including customer outstanding, cost center analysis, department wise profitability to help reduce expenses, balance sheet, and pending payments. 

To assist logistics companies tide over the current business situation. Logistics, freight forwarding software that has a complete financial accounting module, which is part of software for logistics management.

Best transport accounting software for trucking business

  • Accurate accounting of revenue and expenses
  • Track pending dues and inbound payments from suppliers
  • Alerts on payment default after the credit period
  • Monitoring of user-generated payment/receipt vouchers
  • Complete control of cash management
  • Trip based accounts management
  • Track driver expense usage and initiate settlement
  • Take financial decisions based on cash flows & balances
  • Integrates most common features of logistics software

Easily manage your finances with transport accounting software

Challenges faced in logistics freight accounting

Managing transport accounting aspects of any freight management logistics company is a complex process, especially for those having multiple branches across countries in Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, etc. Here there is a high chance of manual errors creeping in while entering the freight invoice details. The income and expenses should be tallied automatically on a button click and there should be a provision to capture the complete order-related expenses without any errors.

So it is to be understood that firms cannot be using MS Excel or similar spreadsheets on a long-term basis to manage the same and expect productivity improvements. Implementing efficient logistics accounting software is vital for logistics and transport companies wanting to stay competitive when the fleet & utilization are low. We have successfully deployed many cloud-based logistics software with integrated financial accounting software for large and small logistics companies in Africa region.

Transport accounting software features

  • Cash Transfers & Voucher Entry
  • Branch wise cash & bank accounts management
  • Account wise revenue & expense tracking
  • Easy Multi-Currency Switch
  • API integrations with third-party applications
  • Trial Balance & Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss statement
  • Ledger wise and Cash Book Reports
  • Payment/Receipt approval systems
  • Trip Payment Status
Replace ms excel files in transportation logistics

Ripples-FMS Best transport accounting software

Ripples-FMS features a full-fledged transport accounting software module that can give you a full picture of the financial health of your freight forwarding, and logistics business. A cloud based multi-currency and multi-branch system that includes all major financial accounting functions including job costing, general ledger, operational costs, due payments, and many more. Branches across the African region can be monitored, managed, and controlled easily with timely reporting. A double entry accounts receivable and accounts payable system with trucking business, inventory management system which saves time for medium and small business.

A good logistics accounting software would be highly flexible and should align with operational & process changes. Proper approval systems and master configurations like tariffs will ensure there are no headaches due to data entry mistakes from the employees. Drop in a mail to know more about our logistics accounting software.  So, why wait… Contact us now!!!!

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