Inventory Tracker & Monitoring Solutions

warehouse tracking solutions

Ready to deploy warehouse cargo tracker, transit inventory tracker & monitoring solutions. With the help of GPS / 4G enabled devices and indoor positioning technology, operations managers can track pallets and bins once unloaded from the truck. 

The solution is a boon to any logistics and transportation company that manages warehouses for storage, transit, and value-added services such as re-packing, re-export, cold chain, etc. Streamline these supply chain activities and gain operational efficiency. Indoor & In-Transit warehouse inventory Tracker and monitoring (Indoor air quality, temperature, shock) solutions is also provided through our application for smart freight management.

Warehouse inventory Tracker

Track & Protect your transit cargo

Ripples-FMS logistics cargo inventory tracker, and monitoring solutions help protect your storage & reduce shipment relate claims

This innovative tracking solution helps logistics and transportation administrators to add higher value to their services. Continuously monitor the condition of perishable and volatile goods in transit. Our solution is the best fit for any logistics operations be it oil & gas, acid, dairy products, heavy haulage, etc.

These warehouse cargo tracking and cold-chain monitoring solutions help logistics companies lower cost by improving time to locate, storage utilization, better computation on holding charges. The information can also be shared on a selective basis to your customers – form them to understand arrival and departure timings, storage conditions etc.  

cargo tracking solutions cold-chain monitoring solutions Truck tracking devices

Module Features

  • Enables to trace and track of the trucks, cargo, containers, critical equipment and prevents theft of the assets using intelligent Real-Time Location System (RTLS)
  • Gains insights into the supply chain activities and alerts through SMS on the status of consignment and load arrival or departure.
  • Plan delivery with higher accuracy and speeds up warehousing operations using inventory tracking
    Map-based location tracking
  • Monitor the conditions of cargo and other shipments by accumulating data on the warehouse using easy to deploy GSM enabled devices and smart sensor tags.
  • Indoor positioning tags to locate cargo within warehouses, trucks and storage racks.
  • Border-less tracking across countries
  • Optimize workloads and enable complete visibility into the location of warehouse assets using sensors
  • Get complete history log of the cargo across delivery time-span
  • Indoor position for warehouse cargo & In-Transit Cargo Tracking

Module Benefits

  • Reduce damages and claims
  • Reduce efforts for inventory count
  • Improve in-transit monitoring of cargo & pallets
  • Improved supply chain visibility
  • Reduced mid handling, abuse, and theft
  • Improved In-Transit Monitoring & Tracking
  • Optimum storage condition for transit items
  • Easy to deploy tracking & monitoring solution
  • Get access to real-time data through dashboards
  • Outdoor inventory tracking solutions

Cargo Inventory tracker for warehouses

Enable transmission of real-time data on temperature, shock and exact location of the cargo to a central point on our logistics software. This is done using wireless sensors inbuilt with 2G/4G SIM being attached to each truck or container in the fleet.

These devices help in effective operations control and thereby monitor the route traversed by the truck/container in logistics yards, ports and warehouses. With the help of these devices, we offer complete cold-chain monitoring solutions.

Indoor & In-transit warehouse inventory tracker

In case pallets need to be tracked individually, it is possible to send the total count of inventory inside the truck container at regular time intervals using a battery-operated GSM gateway device.

Apart from reducing from mishandling and re-routing of cargo pallets, potential theft scenarios can also be easily monitored and immediate action is taken.

Tracking information available on a map

A map facility is also available in our logistics software customer portal hosted on a secured server in either cloud or on-premise environment. Our efficient cargo tracking solutions help users to track their cargo anywhere anytime.

Data-driven information pertaining to shipping containers, high-value inventory, transit location, spare parts, safety and storage conditions of the delivered goods can be shared with your business units by integrating our cargo inventory tracker & monitoring solutions with your supply chain logistics.

Powered by Cellular / 3G / 4G connectivity

All our solutions are well equipped with emerging & cutting edge technologies. Our truck tracking devices consists of best in class Cellular IOT solution that can be easily expanded to 1000’s of units without any downtime. 

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