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Transport Management Operations – Using excel sheets in logistics for manually filling in the data invites nothing but a handful of errors. The day-to-day headache of updating the data would also lead to boredom in employees, hence reducing their motivation levels. Sometimes these errors could cost you a valuable customer. So how can this problem be resolved using the best freight management softwareWe have got a perfect solution, the logistics & freight management operations software Module!

Transport Management Operations Software Module

Adopting the Ripples-FMS logistics operations module will see off your worries of data redundancy, data manipulation, data errors, and many more such problems. Not only that, but it also helps you save money, makes money, and adds to your competitive advantage. How?

Make Money with Transport management Operations Module

Ripples-FMS Transport Management operations software
No missing out on Customer Quotes

Often, while entering data into a spreadsheet regarding the new customer quotes, an employee might miss out on critical information, make multiple entries of a single quote, or put in wrong values. Due to no alert systems and unorganized data, a company might lose out on an important quote.

The Ripples-FMS software automatically fills up the data in a structured manner. Detailed information regarding a generated customer quote is reflected in the Order Quotation. It becomes easier to navigate within different quotes, and alerts are sent on the nearing expiry. With the help of this, your logistics business will accept more quotes in a period resulting in a more significant number of trip completions, hence more revenue generation. 

Quick trip initiations and Multiple Trip Scheduling

Using the transport management operations module, the trip initiation time has been reduced to 30 minutes as trip information will be automatically populated from the order quotation. Not only that, but you can also schedule more than 20 trips within 5-10 minutes and dispatch them simultaneously in just one click.

This will help in faster delivery services to your customers, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and hence customer retention using logistics operations software. The logistics customer portal allows for reducing business risk.

Save money using transport management operations software

Generating revenue is one part while saving on costs is another.

Ripples-FMS - Freight Management operations softwareAsset Utilisation

Regular truck-related reports keep you updated about which truck yields more revenue than consuming costs and vice versa. Hence, it helps you scrap off the assets (trucks) that do not match the set standards.

Offering complete information on the (remaining) quantity of trucks container-wise, one can optimize the utilization of trucks for a single trip. It has increased the annual truck utilization by 11%, revenue generated per truck by 7%, and reduced empty trips by 12%.

Fuel theft! A significant factor leading to increased costs on your logistics company has been significantly reduced by applying the module.

Employee Evaluation and Productivity

With a structured and organized population and cargo being stolen during a particular driver’s trip, evaluation/bonus allocations for the drivers will become much more manageable, accurate, and faster.

Also, instead of wasting hours and sometimes days in populating/retrieving information from spreadsheets, now employees can spend more time doing more productive exercises and raising service quality standards for the company.

Quicker Management Decision Making

With customized Logistics KPI reports, management can make faster decisions regarding the company’s future like resource allocation, investments, employee layoffs, and many more. This will ultimately reduce costs and increase revenue for your logistics business through  proper logistics accounting software best practices.

Developing Competitive Edge using Transport operations software

Operations Module helps you develop a competitive edge over other logistics companies.

Ripples-FMS RFID in logistics industry - ready to deploy solutions for asset inventory, cold chain, truck monitoring
Asset Management

You get a broader picture of revenue generated from a particular truck and fleet management costs involved in retaining that truck. Hence helps in deciding to let go of assets that turned into liabilities. Facilities management and inventory management solutions can also be considered to improve asset management and maintenance in logistics yards and warehouses.

Fraud and Theft Prevention

Since data is automatically populated in a structured manner, the possibility of manual tampering with the information is eliminated.

24*7 GPS monitoring of vehicles helps in quicker tracking the truck’s location in case of a breakdown, reducing the wait time at the spot; Hence reducing the possibility of cargo and fuel theft from the stranded vehicle. Organized management of driver’s expenses results in reduced internal fraud by the cashier and drivers. 

Alert System

With the alert system, important dates like quotation expiry and vehicle/driver’s document expiry are not missed. It also eliminates the last-minute hassle of truck allocation in case nearing the document expiry date.

Risk Avoidance with Transport management operations software module

Reduced Manipulations and Frauds

The operations module has significantly reduced internal manipulations by employees, cashiers, and drivers. External frauds have also seen a decline due to GPS Monitoring and automatic location population in the software to stay updated regarding the vehicle’s whereabouts throughout the trip.

Important Document Checklist

A checklist of necessary documents specific to the starting and destination location are prepared before the initiation of the trip. It has helped in a reduction in road fines and accidents by about 5%.

Emotional Satisfaction for transport business owner

Fixed Customer Rates

The logistics operations Module has an embedded feature in which specific services rates are automatically populated in different currencies. It helps in eliminating the repetitive process of rate conversions manually.

Bonus Preparation

Due to organized visibility of driver-related and cargo theft-related information specific to a trip, evaluation of drivers become easier. Not only that, but the preparation of bonuses has also become faster and easier. For Sunline logistics Zambia, Ripples-FMS has successfully reduced the bonus preparation time to a single click from a whole week’s time period.

Easy Data Management

With an easy and automatic population of data and organized structured view of updated data, employee’s work has been made easier reducing the boredom caused by repetitive steps. This leads to increased employee satisfaction and productivity in performing more essential tasks. A happier employee means a more delighted customer.

Hybrid work model

 In the changing organizational structure due to the Pandemic, now it is possible to monitor your freight management & logistics operations from anywhere anytime with the cloud-based Ripples-FMS, and It adds to your convenience and 24*7 accessibility to the ongoing operations in your company while sitting at home.

Deploy our logistics & freight management operations software module today and move a step closer towards retaining your position in the new normal, competitive market.