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Ripples-FMS offers freight logistics workshop software to optimize the end-to-end logistics workshop, logistics yard management, and inventory management in the transport and logistics industry. The system also features innovative technologies for inventory tracking, indoor geolocation, and warehouse and fleet optimization as part of transportation logistics services and fleet management

Managing a logistics warehouse or fleet workshop in today’s complex scenario with increased demand for truck maintenance activities is not an easy task. With the help of an efficient logistics warehouse and inventory management software, freight logistics and transportation companies can control their fleet workshop operations with accuracy and efficiency.

Freight logistics workshop software : Benefits

Workshop Control
  • End to end mapping of workshop operations
  • Accurate workshop planning insights
  • Triggers effective utilization of workshop resources
  • Enhanced communication with stores and finance departments
  • Reduce truck repair delays and errors to a minimum

Service truck inventory management

  • Effective management of complex inventory tasks
  • Prevent inventory loss from theft, spoilage, and returns
  • Control & track on stock purchase & issue
  • Eliminate stock-outs & excess stock scenarios
  • Solutions for additional customer added value

Logistics workshop inventory monitoring

Workshop inventory tracking

In the current digital era, paperless activity is still a desire for many fleet workshops. Most of the fleet workshops fail to gauge the performance parameters such as job order efficiency, bay utilization, employee productivity, and usage of spare parts. A powerful workshop management tool offered by Rippes-FMS initiates job card creation, tracking job progress, invoicing, and bay occupancy info, and is well integrated with spare stores and accounts department. The system helps to track the complete info against a job order and automatically calculates time-wise labour and repair bay utilization costs.

Ripples-FMS Workshop management system even records external job order provisions when trucks are done maintenance by external parties. Overall, the system aids in the complete inventory tracking and efficient monitoring of workshop operations.

Freight logistics vehicle workshop software - optimise inventory and spares

An efficient logistics workshop stores and inventory management system is crucial to support timely truck repairs and underutilization of logistics resources. Most logistics and transportation firms often use spreadsheets or other manual tools to process workshop inventory operations which is a very complicated process. Ripples FMS logistics inventory management system monitors the truck spare parts inventory initiates quotation management, purchase order, and approvals, spare parts returns, and manages reconditioning spares, helping in optimizing transport logistics.

Ripples-FMS inventory management offers effective stock monitoring, inventory control, and improved supplier communications that are much needed for cost-effectiveness. Setting the reorder level of spare parts inventory and spare stock out alerts helps to ensure optimum stock and resource utilization. Spare parts invoicing details are passed to the finance department in real-time and ensure credit note management with suppliers.

Logistics workshop Inventory tracking, yard management

Inventory tracking and yard management are a constant headache for all transport logistics companies. Be it their warehouses, workshops, or stores, logistics, and transport companies find it extremely difficult to track spares and stocks. By implementingwarehouse monitoring system and inventory tracking mechanisms, logistics companies will be able to save thousands of dollars through improved accountability and transparency. RFID solution for tyre module monitors tyre theft during transit and alerts in case of any tyre change within the truck. Ripples-FMS system provides tyre utilization measures and monitors parameters such as tyre rethreading and tyre life cycle. For workshop inventory management in coordination with warehouses, the implementation of Ripples FMS warehouse management software is relevant in handling day-to-day warehouse operations. 

Logistics workshop software Features

  • Track workshop job progress, staff allocation & invoicing
  • Real-time mapping of workshop performance and overall productivity
  • Job card additions
  • Job order-based spare part request 
  • Easy to access vehicle history
  • Create inventory purchase orders and quotations
  • Centralized inventory and Purchase control from the main branch
  • Multi-level inventory purchase approval system
  • Real-time inventory count of all your spare parts and workshop stock
  • Re-order level alerts
  • Stock transfer between branches
  • Purchase Return Management & logistics yard management
  • Tire utilization parameters and tire performance reporting
  • Tyre Inspections (Manual/Automatic through Tyre Patch device)

Backed by reliable company and proven technologies

Ripples-FMS offers an integrated workshop management software integrated with inventory tracking, tyre management, warehouse management systems and barcode enabled mechanisms. 

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