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Freight Forwarding Software

Freight forwarding software is designed to help freight forwarding companies to manage cargo and operate business logistic operations. It is used to produce documentation that shipping and logistics need, for example, billing. A good freight system can handle accounting status, manage forwarder business, and increase operating efficiency. It offers applications to monitor every single activity in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Essential Aspects of freight forwarding software

Here are some of the most important features of a cloud-based freight forwarding software offers:

Container tracking

Container tracking is a feature that will allow the customer able to track their freight. The software provides you with real-time container tracking. You can have an insight into the transportation operation and locate your freight at any given time or place. This software ensures that the data being provided is correct and updated. 

Report generation

The freight forwarding business revolves around documentation and reporting. A good freight forwarding software excels in these tasks. Keeping a record of all the paperwork and the capability of storing all the information correctly. This software also enables the user to manually print the bills directly from the software. 

Invoice management

What’s better than software with a built-in robust invoice management tool? This invoice feature eliminated the need for human staff, which may also be responsible for some errors. 

Cloud-based solution

Software management can be tough if you travel a lot, however, a solution to this problem is a cloud-based freight forwarding system, that can be operated from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Manage the software and check on the updates from any place.

Notifications and alerts

Freight forwarding software is all about accuracy and efficiency. The customer has access to tracking the freight, the software sends notifications and alerts whenever anything needs changes. 

User friendly

Software that is easy to use for both the employee and the customer. Anyone can operate the cloud based freight forwarding software, as it provides the user with a very friendly experience which helps in getting tasks done in no time. 

Benefits of freight forwarding system software

Freight forwarding software serves to fulfill many purposes. Some of its benefits are listed below:


Freight forwarding software manages documentation, email templates, notifications to customers, dashboards, and other business-related tools. Access to CRM, customers, and a customizable system is provided that meets all the standards and expectations. 

Cost Analysis

Freight forwarding software helps with payment and receivables. It provides estimated costs and the actual prices. Keeps a record of the previous billing. Analyzes and compare the costs. 


Freight forwarding can create invoices for customers using any currency. The template for invoices can be created in any language. One can forward these invoices to their customers and keep a track of their payments through the login portal

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Integrated freight forwarding system has advanced features that seamlessly run the operations. Ripples-FMS offer freight-forwarding software that is easy to operate and satisfies the user with its extensive tools.


Operate your business logistics seamlessly with freight forwarding software. All the necessary documentation is automatically prepared by this software. Your business will stay at the top of its game when it is being managed so efficiently.