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Freight logistics customer portal, logistics client portal software for improving experience with shipment tracking

Integrate freight customer portal

A freight customer Portal is one such way to create seamless and personalized experiences to ensure your organization meets these modern expectations. In this blog, I want to address how you can achieve logistics cost savings, logistics operational efficiency, prevent fraud in transportation & enhanced logistics customer experience through an online logistics customer portal.. What are your customer expectations in these tough times? Moreover, How well are you equipped in ensuring customer satisfaction in such adverse business conditions? Based on our vast experience and industry knowledge, Ripples-FMS has understood that customers desire responsive, engaging, and easy-to-use experiences across all touch points. 

Freight customer Portal & Cost Savings

Without a self service portal, customers have to either make frequent calls to your office or in extreme cases may also visit for relevant information on their orders and shipment tracking. This is a cost incurrence for both the companies as well as the customers. Once you launch the self-help portal and encourage your clients to utilize the services, you will notice a significant reduction in unwanted communications and operational costs. In the future, as the firm grows you can also save the cost of expanding the human resources.

Customer portal for logistics & operational efficiency

Ripples-FMS Freight management Customer Portal

Through the freight logistics Customer Portal, your esteemed clients will have access to your smart logistics network, and they would be able to get details such as the estimated arrival time of raw materials at the destined location. As a result, they can optimize their supply chain to the maximum and plan their production schedules accordingly.

For any business, taking feedback from your customers is important. The customer portal will also act as a CRM tool where your customers can post their feedback and submit any operational or delivery issues. Usually, the issues and feedback from the ground level are hardly reaching the top management as it is not recorded properly.

Through the portal, issues are raised to your management officials in real-time and subsequent follow-ups can be done without any delay.  This helps to remove any inefficiencies in customer operations and smoothen your workflow.

Moreover, customers can save a lot of their time searching for important documents as all their relevant documents will be available on a single software platform.

Logistics supply chain portal for Customer Experience

Great self service portals create an option for the customer to take control of their situation, help them save valuable time, and result in a better overall experience. If the self-service portals are well equipped to help customers read through the process, resolve their own questions, and walk away feeling informed the experience is entirely positive and the rate of customer loyalty toward your enterprise is very high.

The logistics customer portal is an effective medium to enhance transparency in your business. This can be achieved through digital invoicing, real-time tracking of orders, notifications, and alerts at various stages of the transportation process. Since all the rate details are preset and displayed automatically, manipulation chances are less. All the above factors can lead to better customer interaction and subsequently lead to an enhanced experience.

As per studies, nearly 40% of customers now self service portals over human contact. In the wake of the recent economic downturn, the relevance of such portals has increased many notches higher. Developing and maintaining a self-service portal for your customers can be a lot of work on your own. Ripples-FMS logistics customer portal can help you set up one easily and thereby, giving your company invaluable benefits through effective customer engagements. This is apart from the efficient customer support you will receive along with.

Delivery tracking customer portal for freight visibility

Talk to our experts today on how you engage us in logistics customer portal development or deploy a ready-to-use logistics Customer Portal easily using our robust technologies for enhancing customer self-service.