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Ripples-FMS offers  Scania integrated Fleet operations Management module as part of a logistics software solution to effectively handle end to end fleet operations management functions. Right from customer order management and optimized fleet selection, accidents, thefts, vehicle damages, warehouse inventory, abuse, pilferages, cargo insurance, storage environment, etc. can be tracked and recorded easily and analyse trip profitability.

In the current uncertain economic scenario, logistics & transport companies must adopt business process improvement methodologies to enhance logistics functional performance & gain truck operations control. Effective Tyre management  In the ‘new normal’ scenario your competitiveness depends on how efficiently the Fuel management and what all you do for enhanced customer experience.

Fleet Operations Management Software: Module Benefits

Integrating Scania vehicle management system

Successfully pulled Scania Vehicle Evaluation report and driver evaluation report from FMS, and are given to the managers for performance evaluation, after integrating with Ripples-FMS logistics software solutions . The following data and information are very useful for the ST Tanker – Driver Ranking: Over speeding – “Engine Overspeed Value” and Freewheeling – “Coasting Value”. The reason being for the “Coasting Value” specifically is that no Tanker should be coasting.  Read more about Scania Fleet management API dashboard

Order Management
  • Real-time visibility in order processing for customers and work-force 
  • Get the order quotation cost calculations less hectic & error-free.
  • Complete mapping of order details without missing details
  • Effectively manage sub-contractors and partners
  • Management control over discount requests & approvals
  • No room for manipulations as the user activity is closely monitored.
Trip Details
  • 24/ 7 logistics control tower – truck and cargo tracing
  • Optimize costs through predefined route based allocation of expenses
  • Automatic selection of trailers and containers based on commodity 
  • Clear cut payment and settlement procedures for all involved parties
  • Trip safety through validations and checklists / Scania fleet.
Border Clearance
  • Significant reduction in border delays
  • An automatic email with document attachments to border clearance agents immediately after order entry
  • Accurate issue of expenses on border permits, taxes, etc.
Driver Expense Management
  • Systemized expense management reducing revenue leakage
  • Automatic calculation of driver expenses and recovery against a trip
Fleet Operations Management  Control
Integrating all your logistics & transportation operations

As per research, most logistic companies lack a clear digital vision and strategy and adopt older generation software for their operations. These companies fail to connect their strategic, operational, technological, and people-related capabilities, and often fail to incorporate partners in their business models to create customer value. With integrated workshop management, Ripples-FMS will unify all your operations under one roof and capture end-to-end activities in order and trip life cycle. The core of logistics transport operations is operations control and management and Ripples-FMS helps logistic companies to organize a cost-effective delivery, warehouse storage process, and centralize logistics operations.

Fleet operations Management Software: Features
  • Consignment booking ( Either as independent order or logistics transfer)
  • Order quotation, preparation & Real-time status update for each trip
  • Scheduling of trucks, its route, and  dispatch
  • Expense management including the driver, maintenance & fuel
  • Online Proof of Delivery ensuring contactless transactions
  • Track truck running status and truck location
  • Real-time updates on physical shocks to cargo
  • Monitor, measure the deviations of climatic conditions of the cargo
  • Track & suggest nearby consignments in case of empty trip returns
  • Capture demurrage in case of delays.
  • Capturing mileage shortage upon trip closing
  • Vehicle maintenance checklist before and after each trip
  • Defined system based communications with customs authorities
  • Automatic email alerts to customers and the workforce at different levels of operation.
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The “Operational” Flow

Ripples-FMS fleet management solutions have operations control and management as one of its main modules. The solution offers a standardized logistics operational flow and captures logistic operational activities under one roof. Start with order quotation or capture order entry directly, our smart logistic solutions are perfectly aligned with the goal of achieving seamless logistics operations. 

Assigning the trip against an order

Every stage of the operational entries needs proper approval and acceptance. Once the order is entered the next step is to assign the trip against the order. Date and time are scheduled for the trip commencement along with details such as the horse and trailers on which the cargo needs to go, driver details, etc.  There is a series of checks before the vehicle can be dispatched. Pre-clearance documents can be effectively processed and automatically issue driver expenses as per configured parameters. Real-time order and truck status is communicated via the customer portal.

Reports & Alerts

Ripples-FMS is equipped with a host of standardized reports pertaining to trips control, delays, fuel issued, missing POD, driver bonus, HR recovery, performance matrix, etc. Customized logistic reports can be configured based on the user’s perspective. In addition to that automatic alerts can be configured in case of any abnormalities in the smooth conduct of logistics operations.

So if you are a transportation logistics company wanting to bring in that much-effective control in operations, please Contact Us.

Tracking the truck

Once the cargo is dispatched, then the customer can track the status through Ripples-FMS customer portal.  With the help of GPS, the logistics fleet operations management team can know the current location of the assigned truck using the Scania fleet management integration

Order Entry

With a series of master entries including the efficiently captured route master and the customer rates, the order entry form becomes a simple exercise. The user can easily select the load type (containerized, breakbulk, bulk loose, bulk liquid, etc.), customer, the number of loads/co-loads, loading and drop-off points and a host of other important features. Specialized capturing of container load data ensures more safety and easy container tracking.

Excellent Business Insights

Ripples-FMS ensures accurate operational and financial insights for right on-time decision making. The cloud-hosted application ensures data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. With the help of insightful management dashboard, analyze your company performance matrix across relevant logistics, warehouse & transportation parameters instantly. 

Trip Closure & Managing the Empty Return Legs

Ripples-FMS final leg procedure includes an online POD mechanism to ensure driver and customer safety through contactless deliveries. System-based demurrage charge calculations prevent unidentified revenue leakage by integrating Scania fleet information.

Driver Recoveries due to Cargo Shortage or Mileage shortages: FMS has multiple facilities to recover it from drivers like from their salary, next trip advance, or next trip fuel.

Using E-POD, real-time invoicing on updating the POD by the customer through Mobile Apps earlier have to wait for the driver to come back and submit the POD which will take a minimum of 1 or 2 days for each trip would have 300+ km routes

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