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Fleet fuel Management software: How does it work?

Integrated Fleet fuel tracking software

Ripples-FMS Fleet fuel management software system for reduced theft, improve operations

Ripples-FMS Fleet fuel monitoring system for truck owners

The module offers visibility to fleet fuel management in the logistics business. Right from fuel purchase, the module initiates purchase orders, monitors fuel inventory stock, and initiates trip-based fuel issues. Fuel issue to logistics trips is automized based on routes and selected trucks’ mileage. Additional fuel consumption from the outside tie-up fuel stations is effectively monitored and insights can be generated from pre-configured management reports. Our driver behavior & performance tracking system will allow the managers to correlate the mileage with the driver’s performance. Any consistent & abnormal decrease in mileage can be investigated. Subsequently, if the driver is found guilty, the money can be deducted from his payroll. Fuel issues for internal requirements such as company vehicles and the operation of certain equipment can also be managed through the automated fuel tracking software to improve fuel economy, reduce wasted fuel monitoring fuel levels.

Realtime location tracking of fleet fuel

Effective fleet fuel monitoring in Freight logistics is crucial to optimize transportation costs. Proper automation and control systems must be in place to monitor fuel issues, and usage, identify parameters contributing to decreased fuel efficiencies, and suggest insights for optimizing them. Ripples-FMS offers extensive fleet fuel logistics software that can manage your fuel vouchers & expenditures, record and analyze mileage shortages, and provide early warning alerts on fuel optimization. Customers can be provided with access to truck locations through the logistics customer portal to ensure that queries and documents are available at their fingertips using a secure login system.

Fleet fuel management system

Fleet Fuel Purchase

  • End to end fuel purchase management software 
  • Approval stages for effective fuel cost control
  • Mitigate rising fuel costs through effective operational methodologies
  • Getting fuel re-order insights and ensure the timely stock filling
  • Prevents theft and improves purchase decisions
  • Ensure the supplier accounts are reconciled with actual supplies.
  • Integrate Scania Fleet management portal
  • Integration with logistics scheduling software.

Truck Fuel tracking system

  • Optimization through automated fuel issue-based on route, vehicles
  • Accurate fuel management mechanism avoids revenue leakage
  • Monitor misuse & fraud through efficient fuel usage tracking
  • Manage, track payments with outstation fuel partners
  • During Trip closing, detect mileage shortages and recover them from the driver through HR or trip allowances.
  • Fuel theft can be controlled through sensor devices in real-time.
  • Fuel management solution, track storage tanks, account fuel tax.
  • Integrate with warehouse inventory management

Fuel management software & fleet management features

Ripples-FMS Fuel, freight management software module
  • Generate & monitor fuel issue against a trip
  • Fuel expenditure linked with the performance of the vehicle & behavior of the driver
  • Bulk fuel purchase & dispense to own vehicles in an effective manner
  • Captures all fuel invoicing details
  • Fuel management for non-fleet vehicles and machinery
  • Third-party integrations with fuel monitoring systems for capturing fuel data
  • Monitor workforce fuel consumption using fuel cards
  • Fuel advance payment management for trips

Efficient fleet fuel management, procurement & distribution

Scania Fleet Management portal integration

Ripples-FMS fleet fuel monitoring management & logistics software offer a lot of benefits in determining the effectiveness of your fuel procurement and distribution system. The system also caters to advanced fuel card management practices within logistic organizations. Additionally, the fuel management software can be integrated with effective third-party fuel monitoring systems that specialize in providing real-time fuel consumption within fuel tanks. With our experience and expertise, we would be able to guide you on how you can manage your fuel distribution management better. 

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Efficient logistics fuel procurement & distribution