Transportation management software

Best transportation management software online with ready to deploy, easy-to-use, and fully integrated warehouse asset inventory control, cold chain, tyre management, fuel tracking, logistics order management, freight management accounting software for transport business, integrated logistics client portal  for improved customer service. Proven ERP system for freight forwarding business to improve day to day operations, logistics planning,  fleet management systems, and cargo tracking in real time with user friendly, cloud-based software solution.


The annual Increase in own Truck Utilization


Reduction in road fines & accidents


Workshop Managers report increased productivity


Reduction in insurance claims


Invoice completion in each financial year


Reduction in monthly payroll preparation time

preventing fraud in transportation logistics East Africa region

Easy to use transportation management software

Our small business ERP, transport logistics management system team & implementation experts will provide you with hands-on training and onboarding to ensure that all systems are operational using an accelerated deployment model.

Ripples FMS - Freight management system

Reliable, cloud based freight management systems

Ripples-FMS best logistics management software For nearly a decade, we have been providing logistics management planning and freight forwarding solutions for freight logistics companies in the African region to automate their daily operations through digital solutions - Transport management, fms freight forwarding system. An integrated freight management system, ERP software for transport logistics planning.

Ripples-FMS best transportation management software

With optimised route planning, order management,

Logistics MIS dashboard, logistics operations, client portal for customer experience & reports on the cloud to assist full automation, enabling easy internal audits, and preventing accounting frauds. Truck Tire rotation & mileage, Driver expense control. Workshop spares, transportation insurance claims, and authenticate border trip documents.

Logistics software modules, logistics management system

Fleet Management Systems

These days fleet management software and truck monitoring are not just limited to vehicle details entry and normal GPS-based tracking. New-age technologies such as vehicle telematics, help transportation companies get a real-time account of the tracking and diagnostics of the vehicle

Ripples-FMS warehouse forklift tracking & monitoring solutions

Warehouse inventory management

How can I track my warehouse inventory items? How to ensure safety with forklift movement. Where are the forklifts located, how to measure the truck loading & unloading times. How to get alerts, notifications for warehouse inventory stocktake, cold chain traceability using integrated iot sensor kit in freight management.

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