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Best Transport Management Software on the Cloud

Best transport management software on the cloud with ready-to-deploy, easy-to-use, and fully integrated modules for tyre management, inventory management, fuel tracking, order management, freight accounting software for transport logistics, and an integrated customer logistics portal. Flexible MIS dashboard to monitor and improve day-to-day operations, logistics planning, fleet management, and warehouse monitoring in real time with a user-friendly, cloud-based software solution.

How It Works

Transport logistics

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    Gathering Information

    The most common piece of hardware is that which reads a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics. From there, it collects a range of technical information about safety metrics, including the average rate of fuel consumption per gallon, idle time, braking speeds, seat belt use, and vehicle defects. Notably, these devices are equipped with GPS receivers, which make real-time vehicle location tracking possible too.

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    Providing Visibility and real-time Access

    What enterprise fleet management systems principally provide is visibility. I.e., real-time location, the driver’s behaviour, and the state of each vehicle being used. With this class of monitoring, a fleet manager can determine the most efficient routes when vehicle maintenance and repair are required, ensure regulatory and legal compliance, and make accident and risk assessments. Ripples – FMS has integrated its software with the Scania fleet management system. Scania Fleet Management API and Scania dashboard analytics provide details on fuel control, vehicle tracking, and driver behaviour analysis such as overspeeding, braking, etc.

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    Processing Information

    The information gathered by the fleet management software is processed into a comprehensible format. This is then transferred to the database by way of a wireless cellular or satellite network, where it is stored and displayed for analytical purposes.

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    Deliver top-tier Transportation Management System solutions for agile, cost-effective, and eco-friendly supply chains.


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    Revolutionize logistics through tech-driven efficiency and sustainability.

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    Here Is Some Feedbacks.


    Ripples-FMS Logistics ERP software has given us an opportunity to reduce operational costs and increase productivity in a short span of time. I thank the entire Ripples-FMS team, especially the onsite implementation group for their wholehearted support and coordination

    Celso Mesquita
    Commercial Director TCM Transportes, Beira, Mozambique

    Sunline Logistics

    FMS platform provides the opportunity to grow the business and helps to streamline the day to day operations.


    With our customised fleet management system, we are able to highlight bottlenecks on the Beira corridor which allows swift action by the management team
    to resolve any issues and improve our service to clients. Because we are a system driven group we are able to analyse the flow of cargo and trucks in our facilities to reduce dwell times.

    Chris Van Tonder
    General Manager J&J Transportes, Beira, Mozambique

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